inspired prints from l’affiche moderne

i am truly enjoying the wonderful contemporary print, illustration and photo works offered at the french online shop l’affiche moderne. their pieces are strictly limited to editions of 300, and feature an eclectic inventory filled with the bright talents of folks including anthony peters, mathilde aubier, véronique joffre, cyril auvity, limoon, franck juery and nod young (pictured in order, below).


lucky for us they ship overseas too. 🙂

they are adding inventory regularly, so pop over and see what is for sale on their website.

gordana adamovic mladenovica photography

i think the work of yugoslavian-born, ontario-based artist gordana adamovic mladenovica (aka etsy seller ajawin) is simply stunning. love the gorgeous light.


see more at her etsy shop and flickr stream. you can pop by her blog too!

kristen flemington photography

interesting ideas in the work of portland artist kristen flemington. this series is called a trust in winged things and is pencil and paint drawings combined with photography. it is meant to explore the delicate relationship between humans and nature and to recall a time when neither was afraid of the other.


see more at kristen’s website (where there are more though-provoking project sets like the unofficial study of indiana) and also on her flickr stream.

grant haffner paintings

i love the vivid colors in these simple mixed media compositions from new york artist grant haffner. They’re a direct translation of what he sees while in his truck on the road. i love the long leading lines the pavement provides, and of course the slightly askew telephone poles. the pieces are primarily composed of acrylic, pencil and marker.


see more at grant’s website.

shannon taggart photography

i am being caught off guard by these very beautiful contemporary portraits from new york-based artist shannon taggart and i am loving it.


see much more on shannon’s website.

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adam maeroff paintings

i like the muted tones and quiet energy in these plein air oil and acrylic paintings by pennsylvania artist adam maeroff.


more greys please. and i’m crazy for that top one. it’s called hard to get.

find select pieces for auction on ebay and see more on adam’s website.

sharon montrose photography

call me crazy, but somehow this minimal, soft work from photographer sharon montrose is made even more intimate by removing the animals from their natural habitats (or the zoo) and putting them all in a similar space.



see more at sharon’s etsy shop, blog and website.

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the art of katrine kalleklev

i am love love LOVING the beautifully expressed moods through the mixed media, collage and digital work of skillful norwegian artist katrine kalleklev.


these pieces feel so lonely to me and there are lovely grey tones which really match the color of the sky every time i look up around here lately. it just fits.

see more charming work on katrine’s website. she has an invite-only blog too.

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