urban lamp by david raine

Oh how I love the juxtaposition of materials in this sculptural Urban lamp from UK artist David Raine for his company alkamie.biz. It has a wonderfully non-tippy base of concrete with perspex insert, and is topped with a stunning, shredded (and fire-resistant) silk shade.


David also offers his beautiful, organically-shaped lampshades separately.


To me this is like wearing a fancy sweater with a plain skirt — it’s special and very stylish without being too overdone.

Purchase the lamp and shades at the Hidden Art shop and see more from David on his website.

paul balmer paintings

I love these dusty, dusky, earthy colors and the shapes and patterns of the buildings in the cityscapes series of oil paintings from South African-born, New York-based artist Paul Balmer. Paul’s world travels and experiences living in Australia (where he studied art) have shaped his softly abstract yet representational style.




See a lot more intrigue on Paul’s website (love everything, esp his new monoprints!), and if you are in the Boston area, check his work out in person at the Arden Gallery now through October 29th, 2008.

via Le zèbre bleu

melissa peck paintings

Beloved readers, may I present to you this filled-to-the-brim-with-beauty collection of paintings from Utah artist Melissa Peck? I am really enjoying it. There is something about the people and the places they are in that appeals to me so strongly. At first glance it feels like haunted vision of humanity, tempered with soft notes. Something Victorian feeling, something inviting, and also somewhat plaintive. I am intrigued by the serious expressions of the subjects, which are offset by the carefully placed punches of high energy color. It’s mysterious, and yes indeedy, I am enjoying it a lot.





I also love the use of little bits of paper Melissa incorporates into her work from the homework and correspondence of her daughters.

See much more at Melissa’s website and roll along on her painting odyssey on her very intimate feeling blog. You can also see select works in person at Bonner David and Coda galleries in Scottsdale and Park City, respectively.

tabitha bianca brown: miniview


Are you in a groovy, cool vintage-feeling mood right now? I am. I feel like curling my feet up under me in a Barcelona chair, grabbing a cold one and putting some old Chaka Khan tunes on my headphones right now, because I’ve been looking at the stylish artwork of Tabitha Bianca Brown. I like Tabitha’s style. It’s loose but orderly. Soft, with a little bit of urban edge. It has dimension due to its layers of assorted materials – chalk, acrylic, graphite – and the earthy color palettes appeal to my organic side. I wanted to know some more, so…


Q: Where do you live and where do you create your artwork?
A: I live in a suburb north of Chicago, Illinois. Most of my art is created while I sitting in front of a window. I like using natural lighting.


Q: In your collection, I see you have mixed media pieces, paintings and illustrations too. Do you have a favorite technique or medium?
A: I enjoy enjoy mixing and matching different techniques. So, I don’t have a favorite. But, I will say that the staple of my pieces is my 2H pencil. The little guy creates the framework of all of my pieces, no matter what the final medium will be.


Q: What is it about the 60’s and 70’s eras that appeals to you the most? If you could pick one element of that period to incorporate into the age we are in today, what would it be?
A: I grew up surrounded by records from the 70s. While visiting my Grandma (that’s where the huge record collection lived), my aunt would play these records for us. It’s mainly the nostalgia that appeals to me. I think the music was wonderful, particularly the soul, funk, and jazz. Those genres had so many layers; smooth, gritty, airy, heavy. These opposing layers were perfectly blended into harmony. I would like to carry those layers into the modern day. The complexity and simpleness of everyday life.


You can see much more of Tabitha’s work at her Etsy shop and website, and say hello on her blog.


Thank you Tabitha!

pussy willow earrings by stephanie simek

talented portland multimedia artist stephanie simek has added these absolutely lovely pussy willow earrings to her jewelry collection and i think they are fabulous. i love how graceful and delicate they are, and i especially love that they are made with actual plant matter. the earrings themselves are made of oxidized sterling silver.




i’ve got a thing for pussy willows. that really does not sound right, but i said it anyway. my pussy willow standard won a prize several years ago at the chicago flower and garden show. it has since passed on into the next plant life, so i am happy to see stephanie’s much longer-lived interpretation.

purchase the earring and see much more right here. and if you want to know more about stephanie click here for an interview i did with her recently.

justin taylor paintings

loving the light and the intimacy in these oil works on canvas from utah artist justin taylor. the honesty in the eyes and natural posing is just perfect.




see more of justin’s work on his website, say hi to him on his blog, and if you happen to be ambling around park city or santa fe, stop by the terzian galleries or the blue rain gallery to see them in person, respectively.

the art of angela petsis

today i have a terrible internet connection, but am loving the soothing tones and soft layers on this mixed media work from dynamic artist angela petsis. these acrylic and collage pieces represent only a fraction of angela’s formidable work– she also has strong beeswax, polaroid transfer and altered book page collections. i am enjoying the cohesive motifs of so many mysterious tales and romantic, melancholic, even tragic stories, which unfold in front of my eyes the longer i look.







see more of angela’s fabulous work on her website and flickr stream, and purchase select works at her etsy shop.

molly cranch paintings

these softly styled acrylic bird paintings by chicago artist molly cranch are the perfect way to ease into your workweek, don’t you think? i love the gentle color choices and the light in each piece, and i can definitely relate to molly, an urban dweller, when she says that is quite enchanted by the idea of exploring nature through her work.




see more from molly and purchase her work here.

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