pia baastrup ceramics

please bear with me while i take my time being completely enchanted by pretty things! i love these delicate yet sturdy porcelain pieces from the paperboat collection of danish ceramic artist pia baastrup. she makes the models in paper first, then rolls out the porcelain and crafts the collection, offered in white and pale turquoise, by hand. i really love the soft details on the folded edges and the demure please-touch shapes.





pia, who is inspired by silence, the sea, light and shells, is slightly elusive — i cannot find a personal website or here anywhere! but our european friends can purchase these gorgeous pieces on the craft2eu website. lucky them.

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witches’ kitchen by tord boontje

not that i have changed my mind about the opinion that tord can do no wrong, but his carved witches’ kitchen line of serving utensils, made of sustainable wood by artisans in guatemala, remind me of that one scary movie that one time, with jeremy irons playing twin doctors… oh man what was the name of that? i can’t watch those things. the fact that the pieces have names like sprurk and dagger really does not ease my anxiety either.


anyway, go have a look at it over at moss and more of tord’s collection for artecnica there too.

alicia mordenti pottery

it is so cold and gloomy out the window right now so i am really happy to have found these glossy little 4″ earthenware birdie plates from connecticut artist alicia mordenti.




i think these are too cute to cover up with a sloppy cooking spoon — put them on the wall instead!

see more samplings from alicia at her etsy shop.

bike chain bowl by graham bergh

i like the looks and the history of this repurposed bike chain bowl from graham bergh for his resource revival company.



purchase the bowl and other wonderful things at his mixtgoods shop, and find out more about graham on his website.

jurgen lehl tableware

i love this beautiful tableware from jurgen lehl. highlights of the collection include hammered copper woks, quince serving utensils and simple, elegant pottery.





purchase the collection and see more things right here, and be sure to check out jurgen’s gorgeous blog too.

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hudson beach glassware

look at this beautiful, functional glass collection from hudson beach glass. the four artists who make up this collective — john p. gilvey, wendy gilvey, michael benzer and jennifer smith — use several techniques, including casting the glass by hand and etching it for even more texture and depth. nature and the sea are influences, as you can see from the organic detailing they’ve included on these pieces.







purchase select pieces here and there, and see more of this sculptural collection on the hudson beach glass website.

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hannah morrow ceramics

more striking ceramics from london-born, los angeles based ceramic artist hannah morrow. these pieces are made of bone china. the stickers collection is a tribute to ceramic souvenirs while the unadorned hedy collection simply celebrates purity of form.





those simple shapes are very inviting and would definitely encourage me to linger over a meal…

see more and purchase it all on hannah’s website.

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fishs eddy brooklynese collection

i miss new york. there was a time when i was there 4-6 times a year for business and it felt like my second home. i haven’t been back for a few years now. i miss slipping seamlessly into the tension and the grit and complexion of the city and the streams of people rushing past me on the sidewalk in midtown and quiet moments on neighborhood streets in chelsea when there wouldn’t be a soul around. i miss the odd smell of the subway air and how my feet would ache at the end of the day, from walking and walking and walking uptown crosstown downtown. i miss the narrow streets of the village and the neighborhood shops on the upper west side. i miss the cab drivers asking me if i wanted to take the triboro bridge or the midtown tunnel from laguardia and knowing exactly where i would end up depending on what my answer was. i miss riverside drive and pommes frites and the cupcake cafe and the mud truck.

but i can always remind myself of the good times and laugh a little bit when i look the brooklynese collection from one of my favorite shops, fishs eddy.





amusing! but i still think a trip is in order soon.

purchase them all right here.

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