artistry in wood by palo samko

I think I like the beautiful photography of Brooklyn designer Palo Samko’s wood lighting, sculpture and furniture as much as the magnificent collection itself. Everything is so minimally clean, yet rich and substantial.


Yep, I like it all.

See more gorgeousness right here.

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zack design contemporary beds

if you like hefty but minimal looking beds, i am sure you will enjoy the many styles from germany’s zack design. they’re made of high quality beech, walnut or cherry wood, and many of the styles have thoughtful details like attached lights or side tables.




i appreciate the flush and rounded corners on these styles, because no one wants to crack their knee on a corner if they have to get up in the middle of the night.

find more minimal designs and purchasing info here.

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das design nightstand

this nightstand from san francisco daniel schultz for his das designs is perfect. just perfect. it is made from continuous boards of black walnut wood which wrap around the entire piece, keeping the grain consistent on all sides. excess hardware is unnecessary thanks to the gently curving edges, which serve as a way to open each dovetailed maple drawer. the clean design is finished with an inset top.



daniel has a degree from the school of architecture at rensselaer polytechnic institute. the details of his training are revealed in his precise details, uncluttered designs and thoughtful craftsmanship – the themeline through his entire collection.

see the das website for more beautiful furniture.

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dual purpose kitchen table by schulte

if i ever figure out how and when to remodel our cottage in michigan, i would strongly consider putting this simply fabulous kitchen table in it from schulte design of germany. this substantial wooden table isn’t just for dining — it also has an integrated built-in metal cook surface, cutlery drawers and large storage area underneath. a cantilever styled edge allows for an intimately combined cooking and dining experience.







the integrated main outlets will keep the tabletop clear of criss-crossing cords (cool!). the table and companion sideboard are available in a variety of woods, including the walnut pictured here. for a most complete picture, add one of their gorgeous leather benches they show with it too!

more beautiful designs here.

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sturdy wooden e15 cabinets leave no trace

i’m wild about furniture that doesn’t have a footprint, so these gorgeous floating cabinets are my cup of tea.


crafted by german architect/designer philipp mainzer for e15, these simple cases are made from richly detailed wood planks and are available in two styles:


the mahnaz with two horizontal drawers;


and, the shahnaz with two square doors.

the lack of footprint isn’t the only thing going for these substantial pieces — they also share the same dimensions, perfect for creating a seamless wall arrangement!

if that isn’t enough, they also do a bathroom vanity:


it all makes sense to me that i like these pieces now; i was this close to buying that big sur table from crate and barrel, which looks strangely identical to e15’s bigfoot:


i have better taste than i thought.

available in solid oak or walnut.

more e15 info and samplings here.

purchase their products at nest.

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