tammy marinuzzi pottery

i am enjoying this fun whimsical terra cotta work from florida artist and very observant people-watcher tammy marinuzzi.





see more and contact tammy on her website, and view more pieces at the mary lou zeek gallery.

julia pott illustrations

loving these illustrations from london artist julia pott!




purchase this whimsy and more at julia’s etsy shop and stop by her blog or website to say hello!

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dan-ah kim illustrations

look at these fantastic illustrations from brooklyn artist dan-ah kim. these lavishly colored pieces are filled with stories that are distantly familiar, those whose details are fuzzy. i get this strange feeling of wonder (and maybe a little déjà vu) from them — it reaches through and pulls me in to keep me thinking and staring. urban, childhood and earthy narratives abound, so there’s something for everyone here. and it’s all so well done.






dan-ah’s hopes of becoming a ninja never came to fruition, so she became an artist instead. i think i can speak for all of us when i say i’m so glad it didn’t pan out. although it would be great if she did both…

see more fabulosity on dan-ah’s website, see what she has to say on her blog and purchase these pieces at her etsy shop. be sure check out her contribution to the year of the rat show at the giant robot 2 outpost in los angeles, now through april 16th, 2008.

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bei le xian paintings

i like eggs, which must be part of the reason why i am enjoying the simple curves of these watercolor, pastel and acrylic paintings from singapore artist bei le xian. i see eggs. i also like the playful themes.






the hiding elephant is my favorite.

see more original works and prints at bei le’s etsy shop.

jake phipps pendant lamps

okay, i will hang up the lighting now by signing off with these terrific ceiling fixtures from uk designer jake phipps for the hidden art collective. beautifully structured hats lined with decadent gold or silver that have people names are right up my alley! jeeves is the bowler and wooster is the top hat. i love the idea of taking a classically styled item steeped in tradition and turning it on its ear by utilizing it in a new creative, functional way. i would call these guys whimsical but i think that word gets a bad rap, so how about deliciously surprising? humorously stylish? playfully bold? i can’t decide. maybe all of the above.



i totally want to play monopoly at a table with the triple top hats hanging overhead.

purchase these lights and many more inventive things at the hidden art shop.

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olivier mourgue bouloum chaise

this playful foam and steel framed chaise by celebrated french furniture designer olivier mourgue gives new meaning to the concept of spooning. it’s named bouloum, after a childhood friend.


they must have been very close.

in the permanent collection at moma, and $950 at hive.

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riki blanco art

q: what is sweet and wistful, filled with rich colors, awakens vivid memories of childhood daydreaming and wonder, and feels warm but just a tad lonely too?

a: the marvelous work of prize winning barcelona artist, album and book illustrator riki blanco.








i can’t decide which one i like best – maybe the whale with the bather on the top?

get these prints while they’re hot at thumbtack press. check out amazon to purchase the children’s literature. and you absolutely must (must!) check his whimsical website out too!

red cap cards and letterpress

i love the whimsy and beautiful details in these illustrations for red cap cards. created in beverly hills by artist carrie gifford and her husband hal mertz, the collection includes multi colored letterpress and work from michael morrison and francesca montanari. all the styles merge to set a festive tone and easy, colorful way to communicate.






see much much more on red cap’s website!

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