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dazzling crystal pencils dress up your desk

add a dash of sparkle to that grocery list you’re making with these fabulous swarovski crystal pencils.


the distinctive dye saturates the entire length of the pencil, so it will remain a deeply rich hue, even after you sharpen it.

find the items pictured at russell+hazel, and a similar product at spoon sisters.

squishy yellow pages booster seat gets it done

the new phone book’s here! the new phone book’s here!


is it just me or does everyone have a childhood photo of themselves sitting on top of the phone book? modern day kids can do it in comfort now, with this washable foam rubber booster seat. it’s much lighter than the real yellow pages, but it still give kids that extra lift to get to the table.

i love how there’s a booty indentation on the top of the “book.” what a riot.

buy it at perpetual kid or mxyplyzyk.

philippa roberts jewelry

philippa roberts is a california jewelry designer who takes her inspiration from the san francisco coastline as well as the architectural elements within the city.


she created a basic line of sterling silver and pearls in 1996. since then, she’s expanded her collection, and has added more texture and dimension to her work by integrating a variety of colorful, semi-precious stones into her gorgeous designs.


i love how clean, feminine and organic all the pieces are.


find out more about philippa, and purchase her jewelry here.

best hair cream – philip b or bumble & bumble?

ewww. greasy hair? but i just washed it this morning! what the deuce did i do that would make it so… oh. wait a minute.

it’s all coming back to me now, celine.

philip_b_hair_cremeit’s that philip b. lovin’ leave-in revitalizing leave-in conditioning creme! and i only used a teeny dab of it, i swear. stupid hair cream. the redundancy in the name alone should have been the first clue to stay far away. the problem is, it smells good. like fruits and chamomile. it’s got lots of good ingredients in it, like soy protein and aloe. and it really thickened my air-dryed hair and gave it a bit of hold. damn you, free sephora samples from two years ago! now what am i gonna do?

bumble_and_bumble_hair_cremeenter an old friend, stage right. i’ve gotten a few haircuts at bumble & bumble in new york, and have always been soothed aftwerwards. at times i felt like a before-and-after-an-oprah-makeover, so pleased was i. they have a similar product, their grooming creme, and it is much easier on my hair. it has no scent, but it has great ingredients like avocado and sweet almond oils. when i put that same teeny dab through my hair, it provides texture and a satiny sheen, without feeling greasy. thanks Bb!

buy one, both, or something completely different right here.

irazu – best costa rican food in chicago!

costa rican food is influenced by a few things: african and spanish cultures, tropical starches, exotic fruits, and spices such as coriander, garlic and saffron. pull all these elements together and a lovely, mild-tasting cuisine results, one that should be experienced over and over again.


that’s exactly what i do at irazu, just on the edge of bucktown. i love it! i’ve never had a bad meal here.

it looks like a dump from the outside, but is only semi-dumpy inside.

ok, it’s really not that bad inside. i’m sure the methodone clinic across the street is worse. just kidding. i think that’s been torn down to make way for $800K condos.

i used to live right over there and had a tin can telephone hooked up to the el platform so i could converse with the gen pop on my evita-style condo balcony. i enjoyed viewing the scissor fights in the alley from up there as well. ah, youth.

seriously, the neighborhood is not as colorful as it once was, and the point is the food, right? so don’t worry about it.

since the place is so small, you might end up smelling like one of their delicious sandwedges. only because of that do I recommend taking it out. they do have some outdoor seating and a dining room behind the front counter that others enjoy. place your order with the friendly people at the counter.


the menu has so many terrific items i don’t know where to begin. they like their protein. beans and white rice is a national staple, and is terrific here. get the guacamole, spicy, and be delighted that they leave the pit in the dish with it. how marvelously rustic! order the pepito sammidge, or the veggie burrito, or the milanesa dinner, and a mango, papaya or passion fruit shake with water. yum yum good!

if you like rice pudding, get the oatmeal shake, made with milk. sublime. i want to take a bath in that stuff.

take it home, eat it and then take a nap. in that order.

evensong spa’s indoor labyrinth

oz_dead_man_talkinghbo’s highly esteemed drama series, oz, had already jumped the shark when the staff of the prison had the labyrinth installed, but it still was cool. i don’t care what anyone says, i liked the musical episode! oh, how i miss the brutally sociopathic characters, the razor-edged writing and the urgently delicious, need-to-take-a-bath feeling after watching each hair-raising episode. good times.

i’m pretty sure that the fictional prisoners on the program could never quiet their minds as deeply as the guests at the evensong spa, in green lake, wisconsin, can.


evensong is set on 38 heavily wooded acres, and is housed in a building that pays homage to favorite midwestern son, frank lloyd wright: roof overhangs, horizontal lines, clerestory windows, et. al.

while playing within the 15,000 square foot building, you’re bound to discover their indoor labyrinth.


walking the labyrinth represents making a spiritual journey, and is a powerful tool for transformation.

evensong_spa_loungethis contemplative meandering, combined with a few choice body treatments, makes it nearly impossible not to become enveloped in an cloud of relaxation. here, i don’t think you’ll find honking horns, rude people flipping the bird, traffic-halting construction projects, missed trains, long lines, stinking exhaust fumes, or any of the other fundamental urban elements that make city dwelling a occasional burden. even if you did, for sake of argument, would you even care, if you were taking a botanical body journey to an herbal steam room, followed by a cranberry herbal salt body glow, aromatic hot towel treatment, smoothing clay mask, heated blanket wrap, and an application of natural cranberry shea butter body balm?

i think not.


the spa emphasizes balance and healing for body and mind. peep on their menu and make your rezzies here.

snapshot friday


if it hadn’t been 8 am, you would have seen the interior too.

streaming wine country odyssey thoughts

so last night i stumbled across a blog about a dude who is hiking through california wine country. very cool.

melinda_doolittlethen this morning, i was thinking about melinda doolittle. whatever happened to that fresh-faced turtlehead who can really wail from american idol? seriously, she is awesome, even though she has no neck. she sounds just like gladys knight to me. i totally wanted her to win, and she didn’t even make it to the finals because of that technoturd, blake lewis. i wasn’t one of those stringy-haired, concert-tee-wearing, slouchy-skinny, classic rock-metal chicks back in the day, but even i cringed when he did his version of “livin’ on a prayer.” he has interesting musical stylings, but they have nothing to do with singing.

anyway, i digress.

cabernet_grape_pieso i’m thinking about melinda and then gladys comes on the radio and it’s “i heard it through the grapevine.” and that made me think of that blog i just mentioned, and that place that sells those cabernet grape pies that i saw on that food network tv show called road tasted with paula deen’s sons. i have heard tell that she really works those boys hard. they look like they can manage, though.

i’m doing it again.


wine country reviews and photos coming soon.

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