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striking braille love letter vase

if i were to perform my routine caressing of all things clay on this beautiful earthenware vase, by canadian artist jessica lertvilai, it would serve both aesthetic and practical purpose. it’s covered in love letters, written in braille.



this is a stunning, sensuous piece, whether standing alone or filled with colorful blooms.

more about jessica, who studied furniture making at york university, here.

(please) purchase it at fluke.

via better living through design

dual purpose kitchen table by schulte

if i ever figure out how and when to remodel our cottage in michigan, i would strongly consider putting this simply fabulous kitchen table in it from schulte design of germany. this substantial wooden table isn’t just for dining — it also has an integrated built-in metal cook surface, cutlery drawers and large storage area underneath. a cantilever styled edge allows for an intimately combined cooking and dining experience.







the integrated main outlets will keep the tabletop clear of criss-crossing cords (cool!). the table and companion sideboard are available in a variety of woods, including the walnut pictured here. for a most complete picture, add one of their gorgeous leather benches they show with it too!

more beautiful designs here.

via trendir

en gry and sif wool accessories

okay, cuckoo crazy for these pieces from danish sisters en gry and sif. they’ve got knitted, felted and even some hemp personal and home items. they feature high quality materials, including 100% pure new zealand wool.




after taking a trip around the world together, the two women decided to quit their respective jobs and create their company, which produces many of their fresh and modern accessories in nepal.




i love how soft and squeezy it all is.

see their website here, find it at danish bohemia or loop.

fun amy farrier illustrations

look at these watercolors and digital art pieces from texas artist amy farrier.








i really hope she starts selling some of these. i love that loose, drippiness combined with the precise lines, her harmonious color palettes and most of all her special touches of surrealism and humor!

see more on her blog, and view amy’s portfolio here.

sharp fashions by circular accessories

i wasn’t sure if i would showcase clothing in this space when i dreamed up this blog, but i really like this silkscreened tee shirt from louisiana artist alison albright. alison prints all her images herself on a tabletop four color press.


actually, i like more than just those scissors.


and i like her teeny pocket mirrors.


alison has a science background and is attracted to asian themes, and patterns found in nature. i am enjoying her bold style and contrasty colors.

check her blog out, or stop by her etsy shop and say hello.

linen and silk sachets from estelle billot

i love these sweet little pillows and sachets from french designer estelle billot. estelle grew up in burgundy and studied business in paris. her company, nature et poesie, and the designs she creates are inspired by her french heritage, travels and favorite childhood memories. her distinctive products are accented by french words and poetry.


her poetry is translated into english and is included on a hanging tag on each item.


the poems are so sweet — the one on the dove pillow says, “beautiful as a dream, light as a cloud, a travelling dove, soars in the air so pure, and embellishes the azur…”


i love her delectable color palette and happy, simple shapes. i also love the touch of luxury from the european linen, dupioni silk and french lavender she uses to make her lovely products. any of her pieces would make a truly wonderful gift!

see estelle’s website to find a shop near you.

hangin’ with my gnomies (vases)

look at at these awesome vases from the jackrabbit, aka new york artist christine domanic. she has taken beer bottles and placed them inside a hand crocheted slip, which is printed in your choice of 5 fabulous gnomes.




i also love her mushroom pin cushions/soft sculptures.


christine is heavy into thrifting, recycling, crocheting, sewing, garbage night and handlebar moustaches. she makes personal and home accessories, and she also likes hanging out in the library. 

a stop at her etsy shop is very worthwhile – if only to see her wiener bench!


amanda webster – poignant illustrations

i like these illustrations from new york (via minnesota) artist amanda webster, because they make me squirm.


amanda has a background in psychology and her work is inspired by human nature and internal conflict.

amanda_webster_the_shadows_don’t lieamanda_webster_jumprope


she works in traditional and digital media.


 i’m compelled by the themes of pain, yearning and isolation.


the somber victorian feel and the raw emotion in some of these pieces make looking at them an arduous task — which is why i love them! 



moving, and so rewarding. 

check out amanda’s blog and online portfolio for more info.

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