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happy weekend!

who here among us has a three day weekend? i’ll be a tad light on the posts until monday… see you then!


sleek japanese playing cards

(UPDATE: it appears that california company mollaspace will be distributing these cards in the fall of 2008 — hurrah!)

that losing streak you may be having on poker night won’t matter much, once your friends see how cool your taste is after you whip out these beautiful black playing cards from japan!




the use of matte and glossy inks is so hip and minimal, and the edgy illustrations on the face cards are quite intriguing. i think i just convinced myself to try and buy a deck…

find them at the visions coax shop for 1575 yen, or about us $14. (update: i am doing my best to find out from the company if they will sell to anyone who does not live in japan, but i don’t think it is going to be good news. drat.)

farm 21 straw screen

i have a friend with a curvy kohler bathtub who cannot bring herself to put a shower curtain around it for fear of hiding its sculptural lines. this screen from the uk’s farm21 just might change her mind. it has three sections, and is made from laminated rye straw and acrylic.


sasha sykes, the company’s founder, had a desire to bring contemporary furnishings with a rural flavor to fill an underserved niche in the market. most of the organic materials found in the collection come from her family’s farm in county carlow, ireland.

simply gorgeous.

find it and many other lovely pieces at their website.

via trendir

suana verelst illustrations

belgian (et maintenant au quebec) artist suana verelst is a clear thinking artist. she approaches each of her dreamy pieces with a quilter’s mindset, combining today’s technology with painting, drawing and repurposed items. here’s a sampling of her poetic portfolio:




suana was born in antwerp and grew up in kortrijk, near the french border. she has degrees in fine arts from 2 schools: the academy of fine arts in antwerp, and john abbott college and concordia university in montréal (where she also received an art history degree). after her graduation in graphic design from dawson college in montréal, she began an illustration career in children’s books, and has won recognition and accolades for them in europe and north america.



suana’s favorite stories to tell are the ones where the most vivid characters come to life. one day, while completing an illustration, she was suddenly inspired to take the soul of her two dimensional drawing and craft it into a three dimensional character. her one of a kind doll collection now proudly compliments her illustration work.




a little whimsical, a tad surreal, a pinch spooky, and slightly absurd.

great stuff!

stay tuned to her etsy shop, currently being restocked with fun goods for september!

more eye candy on her website, and good reading on her blog too.

clever foosball wall hook

i am loving this foosball coat rack by philippe peyridieu for italy’s banal extra. it’s made of beech wood and chromium-plated iron.




banal extra was founded in 2000. the goal for each witty piece in their contemporary product line is to extract hidden meaning from everyday objects — to find the irony and poetry is the most banal of things.

i say yes!

more products from banal extra here.

currently in stock at wheredidyoubuythat.

bulletproof rose brooch

if james bond and wonder woman had a baby, i think it would be canadian conceptual artist tobias wong. here is his kevlar brooch, sweetly styled as a petaled flower, in slightly intimidating black:


this beats a water-squirting one anyday.

i love how he’s manipulated the tough, seemingly stiff material into a pin someone would wear on their winter coat. it’s a profoundly impressive achievement for someone who says he doesn’t necessarily want to make art or design. he’s also a tad skittish about “preciousness” and “uniqueness,” which is why he favors the idea of design more than art.

non-updated website with other fascinating items from tobi right here.

the pin is available at the cooper-hewitt shop.

clever mirrors from the design can

q: who is that rugged marlboro man in the mirror?

a: everyone.

hilarious mirrors from jeannie choe and steven tomlinson at the new york based design can, for those of us who don’t take ourselves too seriously:



jeannie and steven are both graduates from pratt in brooklyn, and their company focuses on original furniture and product designs, as well as the full complement of design services.

check out their other clever products on their website. 

purchase the mirrors at yousaytomayto.


fabulous felt underwood typewriter

look what amazing textile artist blythe church just made!


yes, it’s felt, and truly amazing, as i’m sure you’ll agree!

check out her cool blog to see more fun pieces.

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