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ku designs reveal coffee table

i like this reveal coffee table from the uk’s ku design. the intentionally warpy piece is made from birch plywood, with the underside wood “peeling away” to expose a surprise splash of color and a nifty storage area.



bonus: veneers and colors can be customized on this piece. at £1135, or us $2315, it’s good to have choices.

for more info and to contact, see ku’s website.

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reed danziger paintings

i think i’m obsessed with the obsessive paintings of artist reed danziger. there is clearly a ballet going on here in these richly abstract, microscopic looking, lacy, spirograph-decorative-vintage-pattern-laden pieces. these are mixed media paintings of oil, shellac, pencil, stencil, paper and other media mounted on wood.





simply mesmerizing.

see all the pieces from reed’s show this past spring at the mckenzie fine art gallery. see more images and contact her on her website.

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more photography from rebecca dietz

i know i’ve mentioned rebecca dietz’s work before, but it must be mentioned again. the fact that 1) she has new work; and 2) it is still stuck in my mind weeks after i wrote that first post is telling. so this time (and with the artist’s help), may i present it all with more feeling and detail.




rebecca’s fascinating souvenirs collection was a bit of a homecoming, as she’s always been immensely attracted to carnivals, (and at one point was a circus/performance artist in san francisco). the giant animals, pirates and fairy tale figures were a wonderful mixture of terror and delight that frequented her childhood imagination. on her return to delaware to get her mfa in photography, a chance drive brought her back to ocean city, the scene of many summer childhood vacations, where the same creatures awaited her. this created a direct connection back to forgotten memories of her childhood.




the camera that she used for many of the photographs was an old mamiya twin lens reflex, the tank-like kind of camera that you hold at the waist and look down into to compose the image. this particular choice of camera created an interesting irony: seeing this world again from the height of a five year old child. add to this the fact that rebecca and the creatures were older. the weathered paint and exterior added a sadness and a softness to their characters, yet also brought them back to life, like an old friend discovered after many years. these photographs are a bit like portraits, a reconnection with childhood friends and an homage to the distance of time and decay.

the souvenir series is sepia toned, silver gelatin photographs. the image sizes are approximately 10″ square, framed to 17″ square. they are selling for $250 each, framed, plus shipping – a veritable bargain considering the quality of the pieces and the rich history behind them!


it would be so rewarding to take a photography class with her at the san antonio college in texas, wouldn’t it?

thank you rebecca for sharing this wonderful behind the lens info with me!!!

find her pieces and view her portfolio here.

andrea branzi vases

i am still trying to figure out how these supercool ceramic vases from the portali collection by italian designer andrea branzi work. at first i thought they were glass and clay, but upon further inspection it is clear that the pieces are simple square white frames. you can also sort of see in the picture of the double decker one that there’s a hole cut out on the top edges, so that the stems that are placed inside the vase remain in their original places.



i love sculptural, functional pieces like these. they make a statement regardless of whether or not the vase is filled.

see the entire portali and superego collection and purchase (they ship worldwide!) at design design.

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transportation friday: plane

n.b. this is the last day in a week long series on methods of transport and how we feel about them, created by a dear friend.

of course i have to start out by saying that all week long i felt like i was a day behind and had planned to catch up with my transportation post challenge. well that certainly did not happen, due to that taxing thing called life. too much work and too many obligations! so i’m a day late with this last one. i do need to say that i have enjoyed peppering this space with a little bit of personal anecdotal stuff, and i had a ton of fun dreaming up these posts. maybe someday i will make that a more permanent thing. the question is just how much personal voice is too much personal voice in the blogosphere? curious…

planes. well, i find traveling on them to be exciting and exhausting at the same time. i always try to slather a moisturizing mask on my face that doesn’t make me look like the hulk to the other passengers, because it is so drying up there in the sky. usually if i am flying somewhere it’s pretty far away and hence the excitement. but that frequently means that the flight is a long one and that is the exhausting part. i am brand loyal, and typically save my miles up from my shorter trips to purchase upgrades for longer flights. i don’t like the air quality. one time i was flying in a puddle jumper and for the ventilation they said to open the tiny little windows by the seats. that was so bizarre to me. but refreshing.


caudalie and fresh moisturizing masks



oil and mixed media paintings by rachel austin at her etsy shop


hand silkscreened pillows from charm school design’s etsy shop


flight home original photo from blair fethersetsy shop

friday night server maintenance

beloved readers, i ‘ve been informed by my hosting company that they will be conducting a substantial server maintenance tonight friday, from 11 pm to 6:30 am new york time saturday morning. apparently they are moving cages (huh???).

Old Computer

your connection to the site may be spotty or unavailable during this time, so please be patient — our plethora of sparkling art, style and design posts will continue soon!

(fantastic) michelle white illustrations

i am really nuts about this brilliant work from california (by way of florida) artist michelle white. michelle graduated from the ringling college of art & design. she has been creating her illustrations and paintings and residing in san francisco for the last ten years. she’s recently become a full time freelance artist, after working as an editorial artist for a variety of traditional and online publications. her pieces are made with pen and ink or graphite pencil on textured paper, their colors then subtly enhanced digitally. other pieces are made with color and graphite washes and are created on wood.








to me, there is a noteworthy amount of tension and contrast in this collection. i feel like i’m staring into the eyes of a real person, there is that much rare and melancholy depth of emotion here. and i could stare for quite a long time. the cracked up faces that look like chiseled stained glass, the mostly somber color palettes and the consistent, expressive nature and themes of love, dreams, childhood innocence and broken promises are so affecting.

isn’t it fantastic?

michelle will be showing a doll in the upcoming kokeshi doll show at subtext in san diego, which opens november 3rd.

she does not currently sell prints of her work, but she does make her paintings available for sale.

see michelle’s portfolio here. her blog is also an excellent place to see her terrific work and of course to contact her!

transportation thursday: train

n.b. this is a week long series on methods of transport and how we feel about them, created by a dear friend.

i enjoy elevated, commuter, tgv and other trains for the most part, except maybe when someone unsavory is sitting too close to me. the first long train trip i took was to california, when i was a kid, for summer vacation. i remember we had a sleeper car and the bathroom was tiny and the porter was very helpful. and you never think that you’re going so fast on the high speed trains in europe until another train whizzes by you on the neighboring track, and you nearly get whiplash trying to follow it. good times. i always think of it as an adventure, even on the brown line here in the city.


florence transit map necklace, from le photique’s etsy shop


vintage acme thunderer whistle for sale on ebay


give leather train case at fred segal beauty


bridget davies embroidered silk passport case at her dawanda shop

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