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holiday ornament swap – #1

oh my stars look what came in the mail last night – my first ornament from the swap! the hubs told me to keep it in the envelope until we hang it up, for safekeeping (and fear of destruction), but i, intrepid casual photographer that i am, decided to throw the caution to the wind, and leave it out for a quick snapshot.






i’m not too proud to admit that he was right. back in to the envelope it goes… for now.

thank you jess!

by the seashore

i like rogue seagulls.



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linzie hunter illustrations

i try not to write about things that i’ve seen in 4+ or more blogs that i read regularly, because i think if i’ve seen them that many times, so have you! however, i can’t pass up these funny prints from uk artist linzie hunter – a spin on spam so to speak.


what a riot!

find these prints at thumbtack press, and be sure to see linzie’s terrific portfolio on her website too!

(originally seen) via drawn!

john zoller art

i must admit i’m slightly stupefied by this artwork from miami artist john zoller. this is john’s united states color and learn series of paintings and drawings, a collection that he started several years ago and has been adding to regularly. they’re based on traditional american educational coloring books that were used to teach our culture’s history to children. these oversized, bright and playful presentations pay homage to traditional pop art style, and are the first reasons that compel you to look. the painting style is a familiar reflection of mid-century illustration techniques. each piece, soft and glistening with color, glitter, plastic eyeballs and pompoms, is a “typical” example of the pioneering spirit of our iconic forefathers and of average everyday youth at work and play. the longer you look, though, the quicker all that style falls to the wayside. the glitter turns cold, and those plastic eyes are more static and soulless than cute. imagine a seamless transport to a place where levels of high indoctrination, historical inaccuracies and modern tragedy meet a hungry longing for utopian youth, with nostalgia and dark humor as its vehicle, and walk the line into this collection.












i want to speak to the versatility here. this is jarring social commentary wrapped in a bright and pretty package, but people can choose not to derive the deep meaning either, and can simply enjoy the images and historical narrative. of course i think the artwork is so much richer when looking at the complete picture. it’s edgy, political and eerily haunting. the artist himself describes the content of his series “like a time released drug with a long list of bad side effects.” how apropos.

to me, john’s painting technique and style is like a fabulous party, and the impact of these works is like the smoke that rolls into the room at the event. you might not notice it at first. when you do, it might make you uncomfortable, and when you leave, it lingers with you, just as the the events of the evening do in your mind. intertwined, integrated, affecting. the mark of a highly successful and satisfying experience.

thanks for the info, john!

john is currently participating in the happy days exhibit, curated by dorian gray, at john jones in london through november 30th (hurry!).

see his diverse portfolio on his website, and check out his cafepress shop too!

winter moon


diana stith brennan

i love these quiet and powerful photographs from rhode island artist diana stith brennan. diana’s keen awareness and love of nature, the environment and all of its details converge into striking, understated imagery.





she has isolated her subjects but the energy coming off them doesn’t feel lonely to me. just calm.

find diana’s pieces in her etsy shop, read up about her latest doings on her blog and see her larger portfolio on her website!

big game coat rack

if you’re picking up anything about me from the musings i’m putting down here, it’s that i find sculptural functional things pleasing, which leads me to this coat rack made of oak from belgian and swiss based designers big-game. to me it looks like fred astaire in singular wood form: lithe, lean and ready to move around the room at any moment.


it’s so simple i can smell a diy nearby, but could any be quite as elegant as this?

find it at generate.

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jennifer maestre sculpture

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look closely at the fantastic sea creatures created by south african born, massachusetts based sculptor jennifer maestre and you will see that they’re made of pencils. that’s right, you heard me. jen’s current work is skillfully crafted from hundreds and hundreds of colored pencils. they’re cut into one inch pieces, sharpened and then drilled through to become beads, and then sewn together using a peyote stitch. in each of these incredible works you can feel the approach-avoid paradox from her medium – a clear and surprising achievement (and one of her goals). you can also see the genesis and extension of a simply fascinating idea.








all that contrasty tension in the spikey points and smooth, undulating surfaces serve as reminders of all that is dangerously attractive in nature. the textures, at first glance, give way to a certain complex reveal that comes from deep inside a person who is not only a visionary, but also a truly enlightened master of color.

i love to see the progression and throughlines of artist’s work, and jen’s website is a fabulous example of this. knowing that she started out with the idea using nails when she was a student (see the first 3 photos above), and then having it evolve organically into pencils and then being nimble enough with the concept to extend this thought into something wearable and accessible to people who aren’t hardcore collectors is truly extraordinary and seems so purposeful, and successful to me.

and i want to touch everything, even though they’re sharp, and stick my head inside that tall guy with the gaping hole at the top, to see all the spikes in there. to stare. and think and evolve like the piece itself must have done.

see more magnificence on jennifer’s website.




bonus: check out her beautiful pendants, pins and small sculpture in her etsy shop!

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