stone art and decor (round up)

posted by the scholar on April 11th, 2008
filed under: art, design, home accessories, personal accessories, sculpture

oh man! i am so excited to go see shine a light, the new documentary concert movie of the rolling stones from the brilliant martin scorsese. in honor of one of my favorite bands, i bring you a round up of solidly stylish art, furnishings and personal accessories made of mighty rock:


cairn candleholders from viva terra


limestone cleopatra therapeutic chaise by fabio alemanno


textured sculpture works from antonio valverde


pebble bracelet from etsy seller iacua


beach stone evening bag from kathleen dustin


vintage stone lamps from wisteria


beautiful large-scale sculptures from seattle artist shane hart


leah csiszar and charles austin’s andromeda plate and granite vessels


polycarbonate stone stool by marcel wanders; fjord stool from patricia urquiola


stone powder and resin votive holders from homeport


stone console table by james murphy


pebble votives from alkamie


head two marble sculpture by david norem


felt rocks from molo

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6 Responses to “stone art and decor (round up)”

  1. paula Says:

    the candleholders are extraordinary (especially fitting for an earthship)
    LOVE fabios’s chase…always preferred being low to the ground and setting things nearby. NICE.
    kathleens hand bags and jasons table are too cool. very grounding.
    great compilation of pieces gigi!!!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi paula,

    hah! why did i know you would like those candle holders? 🙂

    glad you are enjoying it too — thanks for stopping by!

  3. technabob Says:

    I love that console table. It really rocks.

    (I couldn’t resist)

  4. the scholar Says:

    that table actually reminds me of the dining table that thomas mann had in his dining room in some magazine i saw about a decade ago. it is stunning.

    thanks for stopping by!

  5. David Norem Says:

    thanks for including my marble head, very cool , if ever in Eugene,Oregon please stop by Gallery Obscura!

  6. the scholar Says:

    hi david,

    my pleasure — you have lovely sculpture pieces!

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