thaddeus erdahl ceramics

posted by the scholar on May 19th, 2008
filed under: art, clay, sculpture

this work from florida-based sculptor thaddeus erdahl is terrific. so many stories being told with skillful technique in an expressive, tactile medium. thaddeus is influenced by everyday life and pop culture, and is intrigued and by elemental human emotion as well as fantasy and children’s literature. he dexterously creates a multitude of feelings and energy through these dramatically detailed pieces.




see more of the collection and contact thaddeus on his website.

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2 Responses to “thaddeus erdahl ceramics”

  1. sosser Says:

    i am really drawn to these expressive dreamy pieces. thanks for the link!

  2. the scholar Says:

    i like expressive and dreamy. i like creepy and fantastic too. i am thinking that i see a bit of all that here.

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