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laura ferrara graphite drawings: miniview


too much noise isn’t good for the soul. sometimes i try to go to my zen place when i am driving by myself, because it’s practically the only time i am by myself. it doesn’t always work, and i certainly can’t go to that deep place of contemplation in my car when the guy behind me is honking and pushing me along. no, those moments, which we should incorporate into our daily routines, are better actualized in other scenarios, like looking at these pensive illustrations from laura ferrara, aka etsy seller emersonbookcase. laura’s graphite sketches, with their soft lines and dreamy, fluid energy, are simultaneously delicate and strong. the non-linear subject matter and unusual combinations of real world objects in her triple series collection contrast so nicely against the washy graph sheets, and there’s just enough amounts of light and shadow on the paper to encourage you to slow it down, stare it down, and allow your mind to come up to the surface for a while. i needed to know more about the author of these visual chronicles, so…


q: where do you live and where do you create your drawings? i am picturing, well, ralph waldo emerson’s study?
a: i live in lovely silver spring, maryland, a suburb of dc. my drawing/painting space is in my bedroom and takes up the whole west wall. it is not nearly as contemplative as emerson’s study or thoreau’s cabin for that matter, but i do spend some of the best moments of my day there.


q: what inspires you to draw and paint?
a: i am inspired by the odd overheard phrase of a conversation i am not a part of, the way an old man walks in the heat, or the glimpse, out of the corner of my eye, while putting away the groceries, of a moth desperately trying to become a part of the porch light. the little things, you know, the exquisite moments when i feel completely awake and notice everything, taking nothing for granted.


q: where did the idea of the triple series come from?
a: the idea of the triple series came one day while sitting at work. i was thinking about the world and its place in the universe. how really impossible it seems that we exist at all, given the hostile conditions off the planet. if you think about it, i mean really think, we are so vulnerable and fragile floating around in space. we really need each other, not just other humans, but the whole unbelievable variety evolution has so generously given us. the trees, the insects, the animals. we all need to be here in order to continue to thrive. so i wanted to illustrate the amazing diversity of living things and our mutual dependence, in a very simple way. the composition of three images seemed the most direct.


see laura’s full collection and contact her at her etsy shop.


thank you laura!

illustrations by koyori

there is a talented and mysterious person in japan named koyori, who makes beautiful illustrations. i love the beautiful delicate style and strokes and the perspective in the scenes. and i can’t say much else due to the language barrier.




see more goodness and mystery right here.

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tina vlassopulos ceramics

i love the elegant earthenware created by london-based potter tina vlassopulos. tina frequently does one off pieces with organic, sculptural details, but the cream colored vases are production pieces from her echo collection.







i really like that smiley face vase.

see more on tina’s website and purchase the vases at hidden art.

snapshot sunday


best of the week on roadside scholar

wow friends, what a week i have had. between my doggie who this week needed constant care and attempting (ATTEMPTING) to put the finishing touches on my big creative project, i am wiped out. physically, mentally and emotionally. ever have one of those weeks? i think we’ve all been there. i can’t believe i managed to crank posts out in between all of that too, but as i have mentioned before, for me this website is satisfyingly therapeutic. here are some highlights of the week. click on them, read about them, say hi to them… you know, whatever you feel like doing.


brilliant illustrations from chris applehans


spooky snowglobes from martin and munoz


fun facts about sara kirkpatrick, aka the blueberry bandit

thankfully things are perking up. i am sacked out today and watching this is spinal tap in HD. i know most of the lines in the movie, all the words to all the songs, and seriously (and recently) contemplated opening a bakery named cups and cakes. if you’ve never started out a weekend by watching this movie, i highly recommend it. you will wet your pants, in a good way. life is a balancing act as they say so i think, starting now, this coming week will be more restful. we are going up to michigan early in the week for the 4th of july holiday and the goal is to be in a relaxed state of mind by the time we get back. next week though, this space is going to be chock full of deliciousity. we’ve got a let’s chat with some funky card makers, a miniview with a fabulous artist from maryland, my big creative endeavor reveal and lots more lovely things. as always thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello during your busy week — i love hearing from you. I LOVE IT! and now, i leave you with a taste of classic tap:

eduardo cervantes photography

this color and black and white imagery from california artist eduardo cervantes, aka etsy seller eddyizm, are lavish with light; so lavish, in fact, that i feel guilty and indulgent while looking at them.






purchase these prints here, see more on eduardo’s website and say hi to him on his blog.

dan mccarthy art

i love the dark blue hues in these very cool prints, drawings and paintings from multi-talented boston area artist dan mccarthy.





dan creates work in many other colors besides blue of course, and even has a print club you can join, so you can receive several signed and limited edition prints a year. check out the details of the club and see a lot more work on his website.

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harlan erskine photography

talented new york-based photographer harlan erskine shot his eerie convenience stores series in miami, and were taken with a large format 4 x 5 camera. harlan says that these lonely urban scenes speak to our demanding consumer culture, information overload and loss of local identity.




see his website here for much more and check in on his blog too.

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