permafrost design studio

posted by the scholar on June 4th, 2008
filed under: design, furniture, home accessories

let’s have a look at some of the terrific designs from norway’s permafrost design studio. i like the retro freshness and playfulness of the whole collection, which to me looks sturdy and substantial as well.








i am especially enjoying the fun and aptly named john deere and silence rugs.

see much more on the permafrost website, and find the rugs at generate.

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5 Responses to “permafrost design studio”

  1. lynette Says:

    These are great! I love that permafrost one!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi lynette,

    it’s all got a great sense of humor doesn’t it? i am happy you are enjoying it too!

    thanks for the visit!

  3. meighan Says:

    oh wow. that bunny rug is THE BEST!

  4. sosser Says:

    now THAT’S a couch i could take a nap on.

  5. the scholar Says:

    meighan — that rug design was inspired by the winters in norway! it is perfect isn’t it?

    sosser — that couch looks like it could hug YOU. ahhh…

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