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posted by the scholar on August 28th, 2008
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hear me now and believe me later, beloved readers: i am a nostalgic fool. i have fond and vivid memories of my childhood and the toys and games that were the fabric of my youth. i clicked through all the different scenes in my viewmaster, ate those colored candy dots on those long pieces of paper, made pretty patterns on my lite brite and tried many times in vain to draw circles on my etch-a-sketch (to no avail). and i loved every minute of it. i was just starting to think to myself “they don’t make ’em like they used to” but changed my mind when i saw the exuberantly fun collection of new york company jellio. they have created a line of unique designs as an homage to certain iconic items from our youth, and their pieces have me grinning from ear to ear whenever i look at them. can you identify what these pieces were modeled after?






what a wonderful way to combine memories of childhood play with modern adult style. and seriously — i’ve got my eye on that button bench.

purchase these items and see more at the jellio website.

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2 Responses to “fun jellio furniture and accessories”

  1. Lauren K Says:

    What a trip down memory lane. That etch-a-sketch bag is brilliant!

  2. the scholar Says:

    i know! love that thing and want to put my laptop in it NOW. 🙂

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