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nail brush by harmut ringel

It’s called a nail brush, and it’s designed by Hartmut Ringel. That’s all I know of it. But I am intrigued.



You can see it in a German place here and also a Japanese place here. I also saw it with my own two eyes over at the MCA.

agape steel tub – modern rustic

Q: Why does this Vieques tub that looks like it is straight out of 1870’s Deadwood appeal so much to me? I half expect to see some gold miner dude in it, wearing grimy long johns with a back button flap, trying to scrub himself clean while he smokes a cigar.


A: Well, duh – it’s designed by Patricia Urquiola for agape, and she can do no wrong as I have previously mentioned. Love her style. This beast is made of two toned steel and has an optional teak backrest and shelf, which totally make this piece as I see it.


See it and more ultra modern bathroom design right over here.

via Trendir

maramiki textiles

I mentioned Maramiki recently but I so enjoy Mara Snipes’ designs that I must write about them again. She’s just launched her new website for her beautiful textile designs for the home. I especially love the 2009 calendars with teal and purple inks printed on her crisp high quality linen that she’s added to her collection.





I wish I didn’t have tumbling tumbleweeds of dog hair flying around this place, I would be up to my ears in these gorgeous linens.

See more at the Maramiki website.

noa bembibre 2009 calendar

Hurrah, hurray and hurry — Noa’s back!

Many may duplicate, but I accept no imitations of the clever typographical style of Helsinki-based graphic designer Noa Bembibre. I think these calendars are truly special and if you do too then you might want to preorder now. Shipping of the 500 limited edition pieces begins on November 5th, 2008.



Big fan here.

Purchase the €32 calendar (about US $25 and an awesome holiday gift for your most visual/designy friends), and see more of Noa’s work on her website. You can also buy the calendar online at the Curiosity Shoppe,  Present and Correct, the Cooper-Hewitt Museum shop and MOCA LA.

urban lamp by david raine

Oh how I love the juxtaposition of materials in this sculptural Urban lamp from UK artist David Raine for his company It has a wonderfully non-tippy base of concrete with perspex insert, and is topped with a stunning, shredded (and fire-resistant) silk shade.


David also offers his beautiful, organically-shaped lampshades separately.


To me this is like wearing a fancy sweater with a plain skirt — it’s special and very stylish without being too overdone.

Purchase the lamp and shades at the Hidden Art shop and see more from David on his website.

a little leaf study

Hi there lovely people. I am a little frustrated getting this post out to you right now so late, and apologetic too. My laptop seems to be on its last legs and I just can’t get it to save or publish when I need to get my articles out there! I have given up for tonight, so for now please enjoy the changing of the seasons in these photos while I get it together technology-wise. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up and my computer will be back to its normal robust self!






damaged photography (mysterious)

I am liking these TTV-styled shots of darkly mysterious things from the equally mysterious Washington artist and Etsy seller damaged. Who is he, or she, or they? We don’t know. Where did they go to take all these photos? Certainly not just one place. How long did to take in pre and post-production to achieve such a consistent feel and mood? We don’t know.

One thing I do know, though: it’s a very tight collection with an intriguing point of view.


I really like the spookiness and sadness and loneliness all captured within each shot. It compels me without alienating me by being too scary.

See more at the damaged shop and also on Flickr right here.

dexter chairs and collection by amy lau

I think I have Halloween spirit right now. It is rather unnerving because I am afraid of ghouls and hobgoblins most of the time. This year, though, I seem to be unafraid of the macabre. I watch my spooky television shows with relish and feel bad when they are over, because I want more. Weird but true. Speaking of macabre, have a look at these great chairs from Amy Lau for the special Dexter collection she put together for the Met Home Showtime House event. Select pieces are now available at Spring in Brooklyn. They are made of ultraleather, with hand-embroidered blood stain detailing. A few have even been signed by the television serial killer himself.





I am also wild (wild) about these hand-thrown porcelain fingerprint plates that are from KleinReid for the same collection. Beautifully designed, they definitely do not give off a creepy feel like those chairs do. Even if you don’t watch the show, you still get the point.


Purchase these pieces and much more at Spring, and discover more about Amy Lau on her website.

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