glass and ceramics by jess wainer

posted by the scholar on February 26th, 2009
filed under: art, artists, clay, glass

i have got a few (not necessarily exciting) personal projects going on that are occupying my time, so i’ll only be writing sporadically for the next several weeks. in the meantime i hope you enjoy this ever-so-haunting glass and ceramic work from jess wainer. she is using a sgrafitto technique on the glass vases. very interesting.


more intrigue here.

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3 Responses to “glass and ceramics by jess wainer”

  1. Michelle Says:

    oh how cool!

  2. sosser Says:

    those faces are spooky… in a really good way.

  3. johndoe Says:

    the vase with the illustrated bug (bottom left) if my favorite.

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