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snapshot sunday


a sad day

we had to put our beloved 12 year old dog kaiser to sleep yesterday. he was no longer able to walk and could not place any weight on either of his back legs. we had been lugging him around in a sling and harness for months now, at 94 pounds, because he couldn’t go on the stairs but was still able to use at least one rear leg to hold himself up. he just couldn’t do it anymore, and we did not want him to suffer any longer than he needed to.


in his robust years he was 20 pounds heavier, bold and protective, with a magnificent head the size of a mailbox. he smiled frequently, was very vocal when he thought something was unfair, or he wanted to eat our clementines. he walked like a tiger, all sinewy and sleek and when he had open space to run and you were lucky enough to witness it, it was one of the most gorgeous things you could ever see. i loved him as much as a person could love a dog, even though he truly tried my patience at times. you can see that from this photo taken a few years ago, before he had the surgery on his spine. i look like i am strangling him, which makes me laugh, until i remember that i can’t do that anymore.

i could blame my lack of blog writing for the last few weeks on this, but i won’t. i haven’t been writing because i am working on a new series of photographs for my etsy shop, and a photo collaboration with a dear friend. these projects have been occupying my time, taking precedence over this website, which makes me feel oddly guilty about not writing, but this is the way things are falling into place and i choose not to fight it.

today though, today i just don’t feel like doing anything.

there will never be another kaiser and i will miss him for a very long time.

snapshot sunday


new works from nellie king solomon

you may remember nellie king solomon from my previous post where i raved about her work. i haven’t changed my mind.


she’s got 2 shows currently happening: one at shasta college in redding and the other at melissa morgan fine art in palm desert, so if you are fortunate enough to be in nocal or socal, check them out. and stop by her website too.

snapshot sunday


inspired prints from l’affiche moderne

i am truly enjoying the wonderful contemporary print, illustration and photo works offered at the french online shop l’affiche moderne. their pieces are strictly limited to editions of 300, and feature an eclectic inventory filled with the bright talents of folks including anthony peters, mathilde aubier, véronique joffre, cyril auvity, limoon, franck juery and nod young (pictured in order, below).


lucky for us they ship overseas too. 🙂

they are adding inventory regularly, so pop over and see what is for sale on their website.

images of springtime, courtesy of etsy

i put a post up for the photographers of etsy team blog earlier this week, saying that I’m yearning for spring with all it’s soft freshness and optimism, and then i thought why not do a little something like that right here in this space too, because you can never get enough positive inspiration…


in order, top to bottom:

  1. marigolds and the picket fencebricolagelife
  2. picadilly lace by jennifer squires
  3. partly cloudykristybee
  4. dark eyed juncomuddy river photos
  5. in the morningschamka
  6. plum zenmelissa beach
  7. lilies of the valleydiana brennan
  8. blue birdsgroovinpop
  9. i can feel you breathemichelle campbell-zurek
  10. greenvaleria h






the art of eric fortune

the delicately bold, poetically dynamic paintings and illustrations of ohio supertalent eric fortune.


the light is stunning.

see more on eric’s website, say hi on his blog and purchase a beautful limited edition print (bottom photo) at paper tiger. he’s participating in a group show too, opening on april 25th, 2009 at the gallery nucleus, so pop over if you’re in or near los angeles.

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