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valentine shopping fun (round up)

late to the party, my head is swimming with all the vday goodies i’ve seen floating around here. some of these items might not make it to your mailbox before the big day but you can still enjoy looking at some of my favorite categories…


romance in photography from jennifer squires, art of whimsy, kayleen michelle and alyson jones


 inspired jewelry from laurie chapman, margaux lange, victoria buckley and stephanie simek


ceramic and glass bliss from lily pottery and jeri goodman


soft-sided accessory love from las lopezlas, fringe, stewart and brown, and linda lye


poetic paper from l2 design collective, porterness, amy blackwell (via) and able and game (via)


love spray from reed seifer


chocolate creations from jean philippe maury, christopher elbow and knipschildt


sweet and funny illustrations from laura george, seaspray blue and le papier


pillows: pooh, humble and veronique

spooky shopping, halloween fun (round up)

I have seen a ton of awesome Halloweeny things in my travels in the computer ranging from funny and clever to slightly off-putting to downright creepy. I think you’re going to like some of them too.


Bone Chillers ice cube tray from Fred and Friends


chocolate bats and peanut butter cats from Dancing Deer Bakery


designy horror over at the Supermarket:

  1. sohan the scaredy ghost necklace from Corky Saint Clair
  2. Hood Swamp Owl at Night print by ahpeele
  3. cleaver pendant from Species by the Thousands


Skullions, Deviled Eggs and Scarrots dishtowels from the Spoon Sisters


limited edition flavors of Jones Soda


porcelain skull by Franz Ignaz Günther for the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg


freaky art from the boundless talent at Thumbtack Press:

  1. The Light in the Abandoned Gas Station by Jeremy Enecio
  2. Spooky Creeps by Jason Limon
  3. Edgar Allen Poe by Tony Bailey
  4. 3 Horrids by Gus Fink


sassy greetings from someecards


glittery skull votive holders from the Pottery Barn

and finally, some handmade scariness from our friends at Etsy:


  1. Spooky Boo Lantern from from MariposaAvenue
  2. Happy Jack-O-Lantern soupcan nightlight, also from MariposaAvenue
  3. Alone by DistressingDelilah
  4. Frankenbot the Mega Scary Robot from Jordan Alexander
  5. Knitted Ghost Plush Toy and Grave playset from sayraphim


Must…Stop…Eating… by Shutterbug Cel

Geez, that was more spooktacular than I thought… muhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

antique boulangerie boards (home decor)

Love these vintage european bread bakery boards. Each of these pieces, which range from 20-60 years old, are one of a kind and once lived an active life in a bakery in Europe.



What a cool way to dress up a kitchen wall or warm up an otherwise sterile room!

Find them at Sundance.

because it’s funny



via inspire me, now! via incredimazing

fundraiser and contest for figs with bri


bloggers unite!

one of my favorite food bloggers, briana brownlow of the wonderful figs with bri, has recently discovered that the breast cancer she battled two years ago has returned to other parts of her body. bri has been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of my blog, and even though we have never met i feel such a nice and genuine friendship with her (and consequently horror and sadness upon hearing the news of her illness). as it turns out i am not alone. bee and jai of the jugalbandi blog were also affected by the news, and have created a fundraiser for our foodie friend to help her pay for treatments that her health insurance does not cover. bri is actively seeking traditional and holistic treatments, and the cost estimates for one year of treatments are about twelve grand! almost $3800 has already been raised right now. as a person who strongly believes in equal parts of science and spirituality when it comes to treating illness, i am all for this creative way of reaching the goal!


bee and jai are dedicating this month’s food photo contest to bri. the theme is yellow, the symbolic color of the fight against cancer and of the livestrong foundation. you can click on the chip-in button here to donate, and click here to enter the contest, read the rules, and get a chance to win some wonderful prizes that bee and jai have gathered. the deadline for photography entries is june 30th, 2008. let’s all take a photo, send money if we are able to and support a witty, articulate, caring food blogger who provides so many delicious recipes for healthy organic vegetarian meals, and serves as frequent inspiration for all of us.


i am thinking of you bri, and sending you positive healing thoughts always.

zach kowalczyk photography

i could die happy drowning in flickr. here’s an interesting collection of foods that take the shape of their containers, from indiana university bfa student zach kowalczyk.




see the full collection here and check out zach’s website too (i love his backyard summer series!).

via kottke

jurgen lehl tableware

i love this beautiful tableware from jurgen lehl. highlights of the collection include hammered copper woks, quince serving utensils and simple, elegant pottery.





purchase the collection and see more things right here, and be sure to check out jurgen’s gorgeous blog too.

via hoping for happy accidents

cool coffee cups and fun mugs (round up)

i wake up every morning and with very little exception i pour myself a cup of iced coffee in my guy michael davis porcelain cup in green. i will do this until i break all four that I have purchased or move onto the next life, whichever comes first. it makes me so happy to start my day like this, so i went with that feeling and found some fun cups and mugs that would start or end anyone’s day with style…


radiator mugs by stephen reed


hug mug from max brenner


inka mug from the conran shop; hearty cup and saucer by wagokoro-ya


pick up mug and tray set by karin agélii & anki eklund


i am not a paper cup


on/off and hot/cold mugs


gun mug from chillichilly


alcatraz replica mug


drink selector mug; stamp mugs by barnaby barford & valeria miglioli


atmark mug from art lebedev


crinkle cups from rob brandt

3_potato_4_ pyrex_mugdavid_pier_coffee_mug

green picnic mug; “the ultimate coffee mug” from david pier


alma fortune cups by tobias wong and the redstr collective


dunk mug by dominic skinner


my cuppa cups; cool people club mug

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