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mr. wilson towel holder by loony design

I think this little suction cup wall hook, designed by Dominik Langhammer for Germany’s intriguing Loony Design, is terrifically useful as well as cute and hilarious. And the fact that its name is Mr. Wilson just makes me laugh even harder — so formal! As you can see, it’s made out of a tennis ball and has most excellent grommet eyes. The functional mouth serves to hold your hand towel, keychain, magic bean collection – or whatever else you think could fit in his mighty mouth.

 dominik_langhammer_loony_design_mr_wilson_ wall_hookdominik_langhammer_loony_design_mr_wilson_ wall_hook_2

FYI, Loony Design is a joint project of the Industrial Design degree course at the State Academy for Fine Arts in Stuttgart and the Evangelical Charitable Mission in Baden. Students from the Academy develop exclusive designs for everyday objects, which are produced by people with mental disorders living and working in centers run by the mission. That’s quite a provocative name for this venture if you ask me, but the collaboration has produced many other playful and functional design work.

Loony ships within Germany and also to other EU countries if you are over on the continent. If you’re in the States, try the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. And see a lot more for yourself right here on the Loony Design site.

the economy, as seen by marc johns

Whimsical and surreal Canadian artist Marc Johns has his finger on the pulse of the world, in my humble opinion. Here is his take on the state of the economy (which, unfortunately, doesn’t necessarily apply to just one country right at this moment).


See more at Marc’s Flickr stream, website and blog.

sexy people (blog)

Despite the fact that I have about 200 blogs I subscribe to, I also happily live in a vacuum, or a cave, depending on your point of view. Yeah, I read them when I can get to them, but I secretly rely on a few select interesting people out there to show me wtf is going on in the world and also wtf is the latest and greatest. Lauren, I do believe you’ve have hit the jackpot winner for me today. Behold below only a tiny bit of the content from the Sexy People blog, which I truly believe is making the world a better place by presenting “a celebration of the perfect portrait.”





Who is the hilarious genius who came up with this blog idea? I would like to shake his or her hand. Excellent work being done here. And so needed.

via Double Takes

because it’s funny



via inspire me, now! via incredimazing

i ain’t your papi

if you have about three minutes today, watch this video to see only one of the myriad reasons why cops is my favorite show.

grandpa cassette tee shirt

i always enjoy starting the day with a laugh, so i think this new tee shirt at threadless is perfect to look at right now. it was designed by florida artist zack finfrock.



purchase this tee and see more shirts right here (right now all tee’s are only $12!). see more work from zack on his website.

lines for all occasions books (funny)

i can think of a million times i could have used some of the lines in these books, which are chock full of all those smart remarks i wish i had thought of at those crucial moments in my life: quitting my job, flirting at the bar and explaining why i haven’t gotten those tps reports in.




find them all, and a special holiday edition, at perpetual kid.

cardboard cat playhouse

for those of us who have cats with active imaginations, i proudly present the flat pack, fold together cat playhouses from suck uk




what they need to do is sell an add-on kit for opposable kitty thumbs, so they can build it themselves. after all, cats need to feel empowered sometimes too.

it’s £15.00, and it’s (almost) available right here.

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