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spooky shopping, halloween fun (round up)

I have seen a ton of awesome Halloweeny things in my travels in the computer ranging from funny and clever to slightly off-putting to downright creepy. I think you’re going to like some of them too.


Bone Chillers ice cube tray from Fred and Friends


chocolate bats and peanut butter cats from Dancing Deer Bakery


designy horror over at the Supermarket:

  1. sohan the scaredy ghost necklace from Corky Saint Clair
  2. Hood Swamp Owl at Night print by ahpeele
  3. cleaver pendant from Species by the Thousands


Skullions, Deviled Eggs and Scarrots dishtowels from the Spoon Sisters


limited edition flavors of Jones Soda


porcelain skull by Franz Ignaz Günther for the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg


freaky art from the boundless talent at Thumbtack Press:

  1. The Light in the Abandoned Gas Station by Jeremy Enecio
  2. Spooky Creeps by Jason Limon
  3. Edgar Allen Poe by Tony Bailey
  4. 3 Horrids by Gus Fink


sassy greetings from someecards


glittery skull votive holders from the Pottery Barn

and finally, some handmade scariness from our friends at Etsy:


  1. Spooky Boo Lantern from from MariposaAvenue
  2. Happy Jack-O-Lantern soupcan nightlight, also from MariposaAvenue
  3. Alone by DistressingDelilah
  4. Frankenbot the Mega Scary Robot from Jordan Alexander
  5. Knitted Ghost Plush Toy and Grave playset from sayraphim


Must…Stop…Eating… by Shutterbug Cel

Geez, that was more spooktacular than I thought… muhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

aqua expeditions: green cruising luxury

i’m not really one for cruise ships, although i would make an exception for the inside passage of alaska, because i think you see things from the boat perspective that you cannot see on land. i am making another exception now that i have seen this gorgeous m/v aqua ship from aqua expeditions that goes along the amazon river in peru and into the pacaya samiria reserve. wowee wee woo woo it looks like it might be the trip of a lifetime! the ship has just 12 spacious cabins, designed by jordi puig, with outward facing windows and sitting areas. there is a beautiful dining room with menus designed by pedro miguel schiaffino, an observation deck and indoor and outdoor lounges for relaxing too. the crew of 17 includes 3 naturalist guides to point out the most interesting things both on and off the ship — there are chic aluminum skiffs that are taken into the jungle waterways for more intimate touring.






in addition to all this decadence, the company realizes the fragile ecosystems throughout the area, and is dedicated to being eco-conscious too. river water is treated on board so that it is fit for human consumption. waste water is too so that it can be purified and then released into the river. low-emission, fuel-efficient engines are found on board the main ship as well as the launch/life boats.

can you even imagine the wondrous things you would see there? get more info and book your trip right here.

best of the week on roadside scholar

here’s a wrap up of some of the most popular posts this week, in case you missed it… you can click on the photo to read the posts and click on the text links for more info about the companies and items!

tenika_morrison_allium_photo_2 west_elm_stone_base_floor_lamp_2

photography by tenika morrison and west elm’s stone base lamps

javier_senosiain_quetzalcoatl_nest_house_pathway chrissy_angliker_measuring tape_light_yellow_2

javier senosiain’s quetzalcoatl house and chrissy angliker’s measuring tape lights


two questions for feed the dog textiles

thanks so much for coming to visit this week – your feedback has been terrific and is fortifying me so much! have a fun weekend and see you next week – same time, same place, with more cool stuff!

funky house design: quetzalcoatl nest

it’s been a dog’s age since i wrote an architecture post. i actually think the articles i have written have been pretty popular, but lately i’ve been swept away by other interests and you can see how and which way the wind blows if you come here regularly. i’m actually pledging to myself to write on this topic with a bit more frequency, but it would help me to know if you guys like the subject, so please drop me a comment or send me an email and let me know!

anyway, on with the show. look here at this curvy house designed by mexican architect javier senosiain. it was designed in the shape of a serpent to pay tribute to aztec deity quetzalcoatl. the home sits on a 12+ acre site and was particularly challenging to build due to the requirement that no trees were to be removed for construction.







see the rest of this home and many more examples of daring architecture on javier’s website. he’s also written a book about the elements and philosophy of organic design.

via dvice

pull + push mansion planter

if the landlord won’t give you access to plant a green roof, you could still achieve it in miniature with this wee (about 4″ x 5″ x 5″) mansion planter from japan’s nobuhiro sato for his pull + push company. it’s solidly made of mortar, glass and brass. nobuhiro seeks to incorporate architectural details into his home accessory products, so i urge you to find joy in the architectural details like the chunky stairs and the window railings!




you know you’d probably get a lot of great light in the place if those windows face south…

p.s. i like his ashtray (not that i’m advocating) and incense burner too!



find them all at mollaspace.

via betterlivingthroughdesign

textures of las vegas – part two

more tactile inspiration at the wynn las vegas:







textures of las vegas

here are some snapshots of things i’ve seen in las vegas, where i will be through the weekend. it is very hot during the day but the evenings are spectacular – balmy, with no humidity. even though it seems illogical to travel to the desert in the summer season, it’s still surprisingly crowded. these photos were taken at the red rock, a newer resort that is not on the strip, with a very hip aesthetic.






more to come tomorrow…

the surprising sea ranch chapel

i passed by this place twice before i realized it was there, right next to the fire station on highway one. the strangely enchanting post-modern looking building, with a hermit-crab-like elevation, aka, the sea ranch chapel.


it was built in 1985, and james t. hubbell, a san diego artist and architect, received an award from the aia for it. it was envisioned and funded by robert and betty buffum, a local couple, who also created an endowment for its present-day maintenance.


hubbell’s team had a goal: to create a structure harmonious with its surroundings, by paying homage to the forest, meadow, and sky. the result is one of unique beauty.


the chapel walls are constructed from local stone, and teak and redwood abound throughout the building.


a graceful plaster roof crowns the interior space.


the cedar roof is accented with copper.


ornate metalwork is on display throughout the room.


the focus of the garden area is a ceramic fountain with italian mosaic accents.


stained glass windows echo the natural shapes of the sea and forest.

it is a very special find indeed.

click here for more information on the architects, and here for more chapel information.

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