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sirena con jersey accessories

cuter than cute totes and necklaces from ali and eli, the creative minds that make up the barcelona-based team sirena con jersey, which translates to mermaid with sweater in spanish.




purchase these goods at the supermarket and see more from the dynamic duo on their website.

orange beautiful’s lattice line (letterpress)

am i writing too frequently about local artist emily martin’s fabulous letterpress stationery? i think not, so let’s continue with her latest: the lattice line of patterned letterpress cards with colored envelopes. choose from warm or cool-toned envelopes.





i really like how these handmade cards straddle the line between masculine and feminine, making them useful for thank you notes as well as gift giving, to those who are smartly appointed.

see the full line right here and make a purchase at etsy or the supermarket.

luxury accessories, giveaways at ideeli

(ed. note: lots of fun shopping posts today.)


beloved readers, i speak from experience. shopping is a power sport. and i am a bag bitch. there is nothing like the high i get feeling of victory one gets from finding a majorly hot purse at a majorly low price. now we all have a great opportunity to fulfill our handbag fantasies through a cool new york-based website called ideeli. it’s an invitation-only shopping site that offers the latest handbags and accessories from designers like fendi, prada and dior at prices much lower than retail. they are able to offer these special prices thanks to the generosity of their sponsors.



in addition to the deep discounts offered on their goods, ideeli also offers unique giveaways of deluxe merchandise and experiences, like a prada tote, or VIP tickets to the metropolitan home/showtime house party in manhattan. personally i think it would be pretty cool to stroll through the gorgeous rooms of fabulous interior/television show designers in a new york townhouse while sipping champagne – maybe not everyday, but once!


well, i’m sold. how about you? it’s free to join, and it’s easy, so why not?

roadside scholar readers can head over to ideeli and use code rs11 to sign up for this unique shopping community and skip the lament of missing out! get your ducks in a row, though; the special code expires on september 15th, 2008.


see you on the field!

sophie gardner jewelry

seattle-based designer sophie gardner dazzles with her richly simple jewelry collection, drawing her influences from ancient and modern civilizations and the beautiful patterned details of life in europe, india, and beyond. she also creates a feeling of drama using our bare skin as a negative space element.





see more from sophie on her website, and find select pieces over at auto.

vintage voyager suitcase

psssst. are you inspired by the old, glamorous-looking ways that stylish and adventurous people looked while traveling? let’s all join the club then, and check out these fun voyager suitcases. these wee (12 x 23 x 39cm, or about 5″ x 9″ x 15 1/2″) delicious bags come in three different colors, are lockable and include a shoulder strap and two keys.




purchase this lovely bit of nostalgia for £35.00 at couverture.

via roomgoods

stephanie simek wearables: let’s chat!


i almost thought these delicate jewelry pieces by stephanie simek were trompe l’oeil when i first saw them. i mean, is that really an eggshell? lined with 23k gold foil? really? and there’s no way someone could possibly piece single eyelashes together so precisely, right? and what about that delicate, glowing sea cookie that looks as if it were found and plucked right from the ocean floor and pinned on a blouse? viewing these surreal pieces truly suspends my disbelief. my mind hurtles toward fantastic places and into stephanie’s world, filled with deft skill, technique and élan. could she be a refined, modern-day willy wonka? let’s have a chat and find out more!


q: where do you live, and where do you create your art?
a: i live in portland, oregon in a former hare krishna temple that my partner adam keller and i turned into an art and music space. we host events about once or twice a week. my favorite part of the room is the stage area that has a beautiful scalloped cutout and peaks at the top. it is painted gold, which was like that when we moved in. actually every room in the house is painted a different, bright color. i work on my own projects in the main room when it isn’t being used for shows.



q: what is your background? did you study art formally?
a: i studied at mason gross school of the arts at rutgers university in new jersey. i got my bfa in visual arts with a concentration in photography.


q: on your website i see you have projects in several other disciplines. did you start out making jewelry? is it your favorite way to express yourself creatively?
a: the jewelry line is actually pretty new. i started it about a year ago and am really enjoying exploring the possibilities. but i am just as excited about some of the other things i am currently working on. right now i’m also working on some videos and sound pieces.

q: what compelled you to use these extremely delicate, organic materials in your collection?
a: i think it makes the person wearing it more aware, to the extent where hopefully they feel like they are the guardian of something precious.



q: what has been your biggest challenge in designing jewelry? and how about your biggest reward in being a gallery owner?
a: i like to use materials that aren’t customarily worn on the body, so it’s often a challenge figuring out how to get them to be accommodating. i have to find ways to prevent problems like breakage and decay while still visually maintaining the delicate nature of the object.


as far as owning a gallery, i think experiencing and exposing other people to all kinds of work is the most rewarding aspect of running a place like ours. also, it’s very gratifying to be able to give artists a place to share what they’ve created with other people.


q: what’s the best piece of advice you have ever received regarding your work?
a: keep at it!


q: what is your inspiration to create these pieces?
a: recently it’s been my dreams and the feelings i’m left with when i wake up.


q: can we go anywhere to see your work in person?
a: currently, i don’t have any work on exhibit, but you can purchase my complete wearable collection through my website, and select pieces around the world at the following shops: in chicago at habit, at catbird in brooklyn and pixie market in new york, in sydney at incu, at umi and co. in london, in san francisco at offbeat on haight and at the square room and foxmaid in seattle.

see more at stephanie’s website, and if you are local be sure to stop by rererato to see the latest and greatest art in all media.


thank you stephanie!

new jewelry from otto von quast

two new fun collections from the german design team of otto von quast: 24 karat pets, made from discarded toys on silk cording, and the skinny icon collection, double-sided perforated leather with silver or 24k gold plated “embroidery” chain.





see more pieces in their playful line and purchase them all on their website.

jay mccarroll’s clothing line tonight on qvc

i am a freak about bravo television’s project runway. seriously every time i watch the show it makes me want to become a fashion designer, or at least pick my sewing back up. if you are a fan too, you might like to know that jay mccarroll, the winner of season one, will be debuting his clothing line sometime tonight between 9 pm and 11 pm eastern on qvc. season two winner chloe dao will be making an appearance too. here’s is one of the things jay is releasing to the public tonight, his checkerboard coat.


i always thought jay was an earnest, innovative designer and am looking forward to seeing his work again. until tonight, check out his online shop here and say hi to him on his blog too.

via project rungay (thank you leah for telling us about this — it is absolutely fabulous!)

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