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cohn-stone art glass

fall is right around the corner here in the midwest, so i thought i would show you the rich colors and autumnal shapes in these vibrant, joyous glass collection that california artists michael cohn and molly stone have created.





purchase select pieces at the artful home, and see more rich beauty on michael and molly’s website.

george handy sculpture and ceramic art

beautiful textures on these intriguing, puzzle-like mixed media wall pieces from north carolina mixed media artist george handy. a talented multidisciplinary artist, george creates large scale wooden sculpture and also has a notable collection of ceramic vessels.






see much more on george’s website.

christine kaiser sculpture

i am liking these quirky sculptures from pennsylvania artist christine kaiser. each piece is handmade with combinations of wood, metal, wire and paint. christine’s anxiety series is meant to be a visual place to focus your stress, because she believes that anxiety held in the hand or put on a shelf creates less of it in the heart. her wake up and sleep pieces tow the mysterious line of dreams and reality, and were created to be a contemporary folk tale.



this collection is priced from $40 to $110 and is available at uncommon goods. see more great work on christine’s website.

snowglobe sculptures by martin & muñoz

look at these beautifully sinister snowglobe sculptures from pennsylvania-based artists walter martin & paloma muñoz. each intimate diorama is crafted by hand with store-bought figurines placed in precarious positions (and frequently altered to suit the display), which clash wildly with the serene landscape backdrops made of sculpey clay. trees and other accessories within the pieces are made from plumber’s epoxy. once their imaginative scenes are assembled, walter and paloma assemble the globes and photograph them from varying dramatic angles, with remarkable results.








i get such an unsettling feeling when i look at these works, and the fact that i feel slightly panicked while observing a snowglobe is a true testament to walter and paloma’s precise and skillful techniques and vision. how about you?

view their portfolio and contact walter and paloma on their website, click over to ppow gallery to see more, and pop over to george adams from july 10th – august 8th to see their work in person as well.

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leanne pendleton’s needlefelted birds

i got one of these teeny needlefelted birds as a birthday present last month, and i LOVE it! they’re made with love by ohio artist leanne pendleton, aka etsy seller gotcrowcreations. you have seen them already, right? look again then please. oh how i love their fuzzy goodness.




see leanne’s full selection at her etsy shop.

best of the week on roadside scholar

hello beautiful people. did you have a nice week? as for me, whoops! i didn’t post anything yesterday. i am still in the outer banks and chilling with friends. even though we only live 90 minutes from each other we still find it challenging to get together, so this is great bonding time right now. it is so very pretty here. the beach is all sand and a pleasure to walk, and the ocean is a natural sound machine for sleeping. 🙂 anyway here are some highlights from the week, in case you missed it… click on the photos to read the articles and the hyperlinks to get to the artists and products.


jordy fu’s pretty paper lampshades and a kooky vending machine by yarisal kublitz


a fun q & a with the pillowmonster lady and bricolagelife’s cozy sweater rings


sculpture work made of confiscated airport items by michele pred

thanks so much for stopping by this week. we had fun, didn’t we? next week we will too, even if there’s no more sand between my toes. see you then!

michele pred mixed media sculpture

california artist michele pred creates three dimensional sculpture work out of confiscated items she has collected over the last five years from airport security checkpoints at the san francisco international airport. she collected these items to express the disruption we have felt in our everyday lives since the 9/11 attacks in a visual way. the works are open to interpretation of course, and to michele they represent the “arbitrary intrusion of disorder and all that is now lost and unrecoverable.”






what do they symbolize to you?

michele will be exhibiting her work in a solo chow at the john michael kohler arts center from june 15th – october 12th, 2008. if you can’t get there in person you can see her most excellent collection on her website.

anger release machine (interactive art)

you know right now i am not even on edge in the urban jungle but this goes along with that supermandolini poster i was talking about: behold the anger release machine by berlin-based artists ronnie yarisal and katja kublitz! it’s filled with assorted glass and ceramic objects that one can purchase to break, for purposes of releasing tension.




what a great interactive piece. although if i was in a snit i’d be sad afterwards if i bought all the lucky cats and smashed ’em.

the crystal glasses would be much more satisfying.

see more intrigue on their website.

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