nail brush by harmut ringel

It’s called a nail brush, and it’s designed by Hartmut Ringel. That’s all I know of it. But I am intrigued.



You can see it in a German place here and also a Japanese place here. I also saw it with my own two eyes over at the MCA.

agape steel tub – modern rustic

Q: Why does this Vieques tub that looks like it is straight out of 1870’s Deadwood appeal so much to me? I half expect to see some gold miner dude in it, wearing grimy long johns with a back button flap, trying to scrub himself clean while he smokes a cigar.


A: Well, duh – it’s designed by Patricia Urquiola for agape, and she can do no wrong as I have previously mentioned. Love her style. This beast is made of two toned steel and has an optional teak backrest and shelf, which totally make this piece as I see it.


See it and more ultra modern bathroom design right over here.

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tabitha bianca brown: miniview


Are you in a groovy, cool vintage-feeling mood right now? I am. I feel like curling my feet up under me in a Barcelona chair, grabbing a cold one and putting some old Chaka Khan tunes on my headphones right now, because I’ve been looking at the stylish artwork of Tabitha Bianca Brown. I like Tabitha’s style. It’s loose but orderly. Soft, with a little bit of urban edge. It has dimension due to its layers of assorted materials – chalk, acrylic, graphite – and the earthy color palettes appeal to my organic side. I wanted to know some more, so…


Q: Where do you live and where do you create your artwork?
A: I live in a suburb north of Chicago, Illinois. Most of my art is created while I sitting in front of a window. I like using natural lighting.


Q: In your collection, I see you have mixed media pieces, paintings and illustrations too. Do you have a favorite technique or medium?
A: I enjoy enjoy mixing and matching different techniques. So, I don’t have a favorite. But, I will say that the staple of my pieces is my 2H pencil. The little guy creates the framework of all of my pieces, no matter what the final medium will be.


Q: What is it about the 60’s and 70’s eras that appeals to you the most? If you could pick one element of that period to incorporate into the age we are in today, what would it be?
A: I grew up surrounded by records from the 70s. While visiting my Grandma (that’s where the huge record collection lived), my aunt would play these records for us. It’s mainly the nostalgia that appeals to me. I think the music was wonderful, particularly the soul, funk, and jazz. Those genres had so many layers; smooth, gritty, airy, heavy. These opposing layers were perfectly blended into harmony. I would like to carry those layers into the modern day. The complexity and simpleness of everyday life.


You can see much more of Tabitha’s work at her Etsy shop and website, and say hello on her blog.


Thank you Tabitha!

john slabyk art prints

at first i laughed out loud when i saw this limited edition 18′ x 24″ print from chicago artist john slabyk. then i got depressed.



purchase the print at threadless and see more work from john right here. you can also see what else he’s up to over at the barack site, since he is the art director there!

via the inimitable bb

dan mccarthy art

i love the dark blue hues in these very cool prints, drawings and paintings from multi-talented boston area artist dan mccarthy.





dan creates work in many other colors besides blue of course, and even has a print club you can join, so you can receive several signed and limited edition prints a year. check out the details of the club and see a lot more work on his website.

via design crush

scott wade dust drawings

i am amused and slightly inspired to empty the contents of the old miele and start drawing stick figures, now that i’ve seen the marvelously detailed dust art of texas artist scott wade. scott lives in hill country, an area where very fine dust is kicked up on backs of vehicles that move “any faster than a galloping turtle.” using paintbrushes to remove select areas of dust, shapes and figures emerge and the results are pretty amazing.







i look at them and start to sneeze so i totally appreciate seeing these through the computer! and i also love the way they look after it has rained.

see the full collection and contact scott on his website.

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caravan bracelet collection by scosha

remember those little braided friendship bracelets you used to make for your little friends in grade school? no? that’s okay. even if you don’t you might enjoy these linen and flax bracelets with cute button closure and pretty 18k gold and gemstone details from the caravan collection of australian born, new york-based designer scosha woolridge.




see the full selection and lots more at scosha’s website.

via refinery 29

flower art & design (round up)

flower power is on its way, but hasn’t arrived quite yet. here are a few selections to whet your whistle before the genuine articles arrive…


sweet little ceramic dishes from leesa brinkley


poppies on blue painting by rachel austin


sterling and vintage glass pendant from anne holman


the hint of light and mystic river by blue citrus art


enamel flower rings from sarah hood


calla chair from william sawaya


sunflowers pendant lamp from paper cloud


these are for you and white love birds prints from yumi yumi


flowered chair painting by mercers daughter


cherry blossoms crochet cuff from irregular expressions


flower blend oval rug by emma gardner


red mum and in the orange blossoms 2 prints by hadley hutton


letterpress correspondence cards by pressure


felted messenger bag from daisynyc

angie_burr_bloom_1_and_2 paintings

bloom one and two encaustic paintings from angie burr for her effie girly finery


butterfly garden and hummingbird garden goccos from treetop studio


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