holger pooten photography

yep, it’s been blogged about before and i don’t care. these intriguing, explosive photos from german born, london-based photographer holger pooten are making me insane. how do these objects defy gravity? and do all robotic cats look the same underneath?




holger has an impressive list of clients that includes adidas, vogue, neo2 and nike, but this is some of his personal work. this part right here would be where i explain how he created these enigmatic images, but after researching i haven’t come up with any answers. then again, is explanation really a requisite for sheer enjoyment?

see more examples of holger’s talents on his website.

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herzensart dolls and art

look at these handmade works crafted by german artist sandra monat. sandra’s portfolio is filled with witty and wonderfully detailed creations, made primarily of felt and cotton. it’s clear that everything here is made with the special ingredient (love, or do i even need to mention it?).






sandra aptly calls her dolls art toys, since admiring and collecting them isn’t exclusive to kids. her talents aren’t limited to vikings either – look too at her collections of embroidered dream guardians and birds, gently placed in quietly powerful scenes:



lots and lots of good energy flowing here.

view her portfolio on her website and be sure to see her blog too!

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lasa rug by jab anstoetz

i like the playful raised pile on this lasa rug from german design firm jab anstoetz. it reminds me of macaroni, an effect which is achieved by felting the main color around a darker yarn core. it’s made of new zealand merino wool and looks supremely cozy.



i love seeing dramatic color pops in neutral rooms, and this would definitely fit the bill. i also love their perfect colors (it also comes in apple green!).

be sure to check jab’s website for other beautiful things.

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porcelain bird’s wing dish

how stunning is this white bisque porcelain bird wing dish by new york designer ted muehling for porzellan-manufactur nymphenburg? it’s 23 cm (about 9″).


i love the delicate detailed layers and its restrained, organic elegance.

it’s available at rose and radish.

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transportation tuesday: bike

n.b. this is a week long series on methods of transport and how we feel about them, created by a dear friend. 

my husband does not want me to get a vespa because he is convinced i will crash it – although for the record i am an excellent driver and can give you references if you need them. it’s the other drivers we worry about. anyway, i have a friend who has a green one and she told me once that her scooter was the only freeing thing she had in her life. that kind of freaked me out, but i can understand where she’s coming from. the wind in your hair and that giddy feeling of joy, when there’s no one around, no sound except for you (and truly no sound if you’re on a bicycle!), no obligations to complete and no place to be. just you and the road. how depressing is it when the ride comes to an end?

i suppose you don’t need to worry about it when your bike is on your cutting board, or your stationery.

olze_and_wilkens_cutting boardolze_and_wilkens_cutting_board_detail


acacia wood cutting board from german designers olze and wilkens, and letterpress greeting cards from new york’s sesame letterpress, both available at elsewares. 

thomas alva edison 1879 oil lamp

the folks over at germany’s opossum design have created the tae 1879, a sculptural oil lamp, as a tribute to thomas alva edison and the year he invented the electric light. i am admiring the wit, and the way the bulb seems to float so delicately within the glass hurricane cylinder.



when asked for an opinion about electricity in the late 1800’s, edison is believed to have said, “we will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.” at the price of us $485, his comment is wholly appropriate, even today!

purchase it at vivre.

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dazzling davinci led chandelier

my friends used to call me the crow in high school because i liked shiny things. i guess not much has changed since then, because i am entranced by this davinci led chandelier from the venerable german-american schonbek company. this enormous light fixture, encrusted with tons of swarovski crystals, has two modes: halogen, for a moonlight effect, and led, for a smooth shifting, shimmering color show.



the previous version of the davinci is dishwasher safe – believe it or not – and comes in diameter sizes as small as 10″.

this new one is available in 36″ to 60″ diameters — perfect for your powder room, dining area or disco dance floor.

see the specs and details here.

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her cloth is a map of the world, map of the world

okay, okay — one more textile post and i’ll give it a rest — but you see how it is with the blogging — you put what you like, right? i just need to mention these awesome maps that are made of cloth, from german designer dewa bleisinger. the easymap’s material is a multipurpose workhorse: it resists the damage, illegibility and aggravation of a folded map, while remaining weatherproof and extending its life span.

dewa_bleisinger_easymap dewa_bleisinger_easymap_2

roll, crumple or fold it like a towel. stick it in your pocket or wear it as a scarf — however you work it, it’ll still be intact at the end of the day.

this piece will be presented at the tendence lifestyle fair in frankfurt august 24 – 28.

see dewa’s website for other excitement.

via designspotter

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