nathalie lahdenmäki ceramics

pure and simple clay work from finnish ceramicist nathalie lahdenmäki.


a bit more here.

sharon montrose photography

call me crazy, but somehow this minimal, soft work from photographer sharon montrose is made even more intimate by removing the animals from their natural habitats (or the zoo) and putting them all in a similar space.



see more at sharon’s etsy shop, blog and website.

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artistry in wood by palo samko

I think I like the beautiful photography of Brooklyn designer Palo Samko’s wood lighting, sculpture and furniture as much as the magnificent collection itself. Everything is so minimally clean, yet rich and substantial.


Yep, I like it all.

See more gorgeousness right here.

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bottega montana spool stools

I love the pop arty fun that comes along with oversized everyday objects, so I went a little cuckoo when I read in Garden Design about these oh so lovely spool stools, designed by the two brothers Francesco and Marco Gillia. The brothers, originally from Italy, relocated to Montana and have set up a furniture studio there where, among other things, they craft these beautiful hand turned cedar stools and stain them in every color of the sherbetty rainbow.


I am not quite sure why this 23 second clip is on YouTube but you can see the pretty colors the seats come in on the video:

That bobbin hole in the center functions to draw water away from the tops of the stools, FYI.

See more of Francesco and Marco’s beautiful collection right here.

modern wine rack, vintage roots

Paying homage to the genesis of all wine, Danish designer Jakob Wagner has created a wine rack to resemble the twists and curves of grapevines.  A smart cantilevered style enables the stored bottles to do double duty as stylish sculpture, as they appear to float freely against the wall from a distance. The rack holds six bottles of assorted sizes and is offered in two styles: polished aluminum or synthetic black rubber over fiberglass.


Oh so minimal and stylish.

Find it at Menu.

john houshmand furniture

look here at this beautiful collection of contemporary furniture from multitalented new york designer john houshmand. his goal is to show what wood really looks like in a style he calls urban organic, which draws from eastern and western cultures for its aesthetic.







aptly put. and the restrained use of metal and glass only serves to expose the beauty of the wood, natural imperfections included, don’t you think?

see many more cool designs here.

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john hawke abstract paintings

wonderful linear and shapely work here form new york artist john hawke. this series expresses his interests and ideas about the perception, genesis and shrinking away of outdoor urban spaces.




see much more on his website – he has a great drawing and monoprint collection too!

heather mae erickson ceramics

let’s all glide into the weekend on the smooth and minimal stylings of philadelphia clay artist heather mae erickson. heather’s porcelain work revolves around the past, present and future, and how decorative art comes into play within a functional table setting. heather was kind enough to send me some new work that isn’t up on her website yet either!








see a lot more beauty and contact heather on her website.

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