ema takahashi jewelry

love this elegantly feminine and graphic necklace collection from japanese born, new york-based ema takahashi. it’s made of hand hammered 10k rose gold.

ema_takahashi_necklace ema_takahashi_necklace_highema_takahashi_necklace_life


i like that if you look at these slightly off center some of the designs just look like loopy abstract script, and the words are revealed upon closer inspection.

purchase these pieces here, and see ema’s full collection on her website.

david weeks castlight (candle flashlight)

right now i am wondering why i have an ugly blue plastic flashlight sitting my my utility drawer, when i could have something more stylish, like this castlight flashlight and candle holder from brooklyn designer david weeks instead? it’s got a rubberized grip, runs on three aaa batteries and emits light from bright led bulbs.



this would be so much easier to find if it’s sitting on your coffee table when the lights go out.

purchase this item for $40 right here, and look at david’s website for other cool stuff.

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hudson beach glassware

look at this beautiful, functional glass collection from hudson beach glass. the four artists who make up this collective — john p. gilvey, wendy gilvey, michael benzer and jennifer smith — use several techniques, including casting the glass by hand and etching it for even more texture and depth. nature and the sea are influences, as you can see from the organic detailing they’ve included on these pieces.







purchase select pieces here and there, and see more of this sculptural collection on the hudson beach glass website.

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munire kirmaci dual salt and pepper

oh my what a brilliant stainless steel salt and pepper we have here from new york-based industrial designer munire kirmaci. as you can see it is two-in-one, and you simply tilt one end or the other for your preferred seasoning combination.



minimal and perfect. what a great gift for a design-loving dinner party doyenne.

find it for $65 at moma, and contact munire right here.

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dan-ah kim illustrations

look at these fantastic illustrations from brooklyn artist dan-ah kim. these lavishly colored pieces are filled with stories that are distantly familiar, those whose details are fuzzy. i get this strange feeling of wonder (and maybe a little déjà vu) from them — it reaches through and pulls me in to keep me thinking and staring. urban, childhood and earthy narratives abound, so there’s something for everyone here. and it’s all so well done.






dan-ah’s hopes of becoming a ninja never came to fruition, so she became an artist instead. i think i can speak for all of us when i say i’m so glad it didn’t pan out. although it would be great if she did both…

see more fabulosity on dan-ah’s website, see what she has to say on her blog and purchase these pieces at her etsy shop. be sure check out her contribution to the year of the rat show at the giant robot 2 outpost in los angeles, now through april 16th, 2008.

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motel deluxe letterpress file folders

these letterpress file folders from motel deluxe will add a touch of elegance to anyone’s office, and the procrastinate series might make you howl out loud (i think we’ve all been there).




see more super paper products on motel deluxe’s flickr stream, and purchase the folders in sets of six for $11.95 at the (oddly named) my lady shop.

hope gangloff illustrations

i have always been drawn to pen and ink illustrations, and these ballpoint pen works by new york artist hope gangloff are no exception. these pieces are drawn from photos and recreated with details that are soft but still precise and complete. her vivid scenes of daily life, both in palette and composition, take me to a place where i have been before at some point. a place where i felt liberated, hard, youthful and wise all at the same time.






the combination of ennui and casual confidence within her subjects is just so excellent.

hope is represented by the art department and the susan inglett gallery. view her portfolio and contact her on her website.

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miron lior conceal bookshelf for umbra

i know that you know that i don’t like furniture with footprints – are you sick of hearing me say that? well i have to say it one more time. i love this clever conceal bookshelf from brooklyn designer miron lior for umbra. it’s made of powder coated steel and hangs simply on the wall with the included hardware. there are two tiny hooks that will hold the bottom book cover in place, to give the illusion that a stack of books is floating on the wall.



miron created this piece at the pratt institute and was a winner of the competition that umbra held for student design in 2005. a portion of the price goes back to pratt, so you’re shopping for a good cause!

this design is superior to the sticklebook shelf in my humble opinion, because you are able to keep the crisp straight lines intact on this shelf. i think stickle looks a little sloppy unless everything is hanging extremelyclose together.

they’re very affordable too – us $14 for the large size 5.5 x 7 x 6.5″ (14 x 18 x 17 cm) and $10.50 for the small one 5.25 x x 5.5″ (13 x 13 x 14 cm). purchase them right here.

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