jay kelly paintings and sculpture

i need order, some defined sense of balance and neutrality today and what better way to get it than through looking at these mixed media sculpture and oil works on vellum from artist jay kelly?


 see more at roy boyd and jim kempner.

greg gossel paintings

i’m enjoying this retro bold and graphic mixed media work from minneapolis artist greg gossel. he uses acrylic paint, screenprints and correction fluid among other assorted materials.


love that fat albert piece in the middle there.

see more at the shooting gallery and on greg’s website.

katherine ace paintings

these beautiful, dynamic mixed media paintings from portland-based artist katherine ace are composed primarily of alkyd and oil. katherine says she enjoys complex storytelling and approaches each piece in an abstract way, first embedding the canvas itself with assorted ephemera like feathers or little shreds of paper before creating the actual piece. it is during this process that multitudes of metaphorical layers become exposed, the story begins and the palpable energy that is carried within all her work becomes evident.




see much more on her website.

via drawn!

the art of katrine kalleklev

i am love love LOVING the beautifully expressed moods through the mixed media, collage and digital work of skillful norwegian artist katrine kalleklev.


these pieces feel so lonely to me and there are lovely grey tones which really match the color of the sky every time i look up around here lately. it just fits.

see more charming work on katrine’s website. she has an invite-only blog too.

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louchelab paintings and illustrations

I am starting out the week today looking at the thought-provoking watercolor and ink pieces in the Etsy shop of Brooklyn’s Aya Rosen, half of the LoucheLab team. The other half is her photographer husband Ned.




I like these animal pieces a lot and also their 2009 calendar, even though much of Aya’s work focuses on womanhood (and is more erotically inclined). No matter the subject though I will say I find it all to be quite eye-popping.

See more at the LoucheLab Etsy shop, on Aya’s website and also her blog. If you are local, she is showing select works at Vespine from November 7th – 29th, 2008.

tomasz zarachowicz art prints

omG I love this work from Paris-based artist Tomasz Zarachowicz, aka Etsy seller ittichips. I love the colors, the styling, the whimsy, the surreal motifs, the floaty feeling I am getting the longer I stare at them. THese are prints from his original paintings.






Tomasz works in gouache and ink but also does the occasional screenprint too. I love his collection so much any medium will do for me.

Say hi to Tomasz on his blog and purchase these works right here.

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regin igloria works on paper

Look at these energetic works on paper by Regin Igloria here. Regin focuses on nature themes and his relationship – both positive and negative – with the great outdoors, using, ink, graphite, gouache and acrylic to convey his stories. Having been an urban dweller most of my life, I can completely relate to the kind of mystique and reverence he has for bucolic surroundings, as well as the telltale signs of urban life that coexist within them, that I am seeing in these pieces.




See more works on his website and be sure to stop by his solo show at the Zg gallery from October 17th – November 22nd, 2008 if you are local.

the art of michele bosak

When I went to the Renegade Craft Fair last month I saw a lot of great stuff, but was immediately drawn to a few certain things, one of them being the wonderful artwork of Michele Bosak. Michele, who told me she was just finishing up her MFA in Drawing at NIU, splits her time between northern Illinois and Michigan. Her collection has charming childhood themes, greatly effective negative space and a thoughtful vintage feel to it. The soft color selections draw me in and envelop me like a favorite childhood blanket once did.







I appreciate Michele’s use of many types of media, like graphite, ink, watercolor and acrylic paint. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite in her collection but since I bought this piece, I think I like her wax and oil paint encaustic paintings best.


See more from Michele on her website, blog and Etsy shop.

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