sit and stay pillows

aren’t these fuzzy-looking 18″ square sit and stay pillows super cute? they’re wool on the front, velveteen on the back and zipper backs for convenience.


purchase the set of two at sundance.

martha bishop recycled pillows and quilts

i love these contemporary handmade pillows, blankets and cotton quilts from michigan artist martha bishop, aka the lazy gal. it’s obvious that she has a terrific sense of humor, and bonus: her felted wool pillows are made from recycled sweaters, with cardigan backs for ease of pillow insertion!






purchase these pieces on martha’s website, where you can see much, much more (and thanks for the great tip burt!).

peacock pavillions shop = memorable gifts

i was thinking about weddings today. we’ve been invited to two later this year and the first thought that sprang to mind was “oh! weddings are fun” followed quickly by “oh! need to find a cool gift.” these are special friends that are tying the knot, so i don’t mean cool, like an ice cream maker or monogrammed towels, i mean special. memorable. of an heirloom quality, and with a great story behind it. i believe these impossibly gorgeous vintage wool moroccan quilts, offered by maryam montague, the chic blogger, photojournalist and proprietress of the soon-to-be-open peacock pavillions boutique hotel, fit the bill. these special bed linens, originally crafted as bridal quilts in days gone by, are loomed and embellished by hand with hundreds of teeny tiny sequins, and are certain to provide instant glamour for the honeymoon suite (as well as permanent wonder and admiration by your newly wedded friends and all who come to call).




the shop at peacock pavillions includes many other globally stylish things:



since these pieces are coming from the far away, exotic place known as morocco, gift buyers may want to plan ahead to ensure their arrival before the big event. no wedding gift to buy? no matter. wouldn’t investing in any of these treasures for yourself would be quite the sound investment?

to purchase and get more information, see maryam and contact her on her beautiful blog, and while you are out and about be sure to check out the brand new peacock pavillions website, right here. the hotel will be open later this year – hurrah!

sara kirkpatrick softies & prints: miniview


i think serious looking animals are whimsical, and since i like to laugh, there is something about lighthearted anthropomorphic imagery that i highly enjoy. it’s probably because i am convinced that my beloved pets are talking, reading the paper and doing card and circus tricks to pass the time when i am not around. when i look at the plush and paint work of sara kirkpatrick i know i’m not alone in my ways of thinking. sara creates imaginative felt animals and very funny and expressive portraits of bunnies, bears and other animals. there is a pleasing story behind each worried, innocent or gruff-but-loveable character and it makes me want to know more! so i asked…


q: where do you live and where do you make your art?
a: i live in a little house in athens, ga with my husband and our very sneaky cat. i share a tiny studio room with my hubby’s guitars and keyboards, but i usually end up working on projects in my living room (often listening to this american life archives or an old friend of a movie that i’ve seen dozens of times.) my couch is perpetually covered in glitter and felt scraps and lost sewing needles! (be careful where you sit if you ever come over…)



q: what inspires you to create?
a: i am inspired by dreams, music, stories, film, dogs with beards, cats with one eye, the sound of the wind through the trees, other people’s amazing creations… inspiration is a bit tricky and usually visits me in random spurts. sometimes i feel very uninspired for weeks at a time, and then i’m flooded with ideas. i keep a sketchbook on my bedside table and usually reach for it when i’m very sleepy. when i look back, i find i’m most attached to the little doodles that i barely even remember drawing.



q: who is your favorite in your shop right now (we won’t tell the others)?
a: hmmm… i think my favorite in my shop right now would have to be sunny (below). i love the way the colors came together, though i am thinking of making a little birdie friend to sit on sunny’s head. i get very attached to every creature (or painting) that i make. sending them off to their new homes can be difficult. i actually cried when i sold olive (below, second photo)… i was thiiis close to keeping her for myself!



q: who exactly is the blueberry bandit?
a: i guess you could say the blueberry bandit is me, or maybe my alter-ego. i once made a little softie (it’s my etsy and blog avatar), he was very simple and kind of sad, and i instantly felt like i had made a self-portrait in the form of a softie. the blueberry bandit is shy and timid on the outside, but secretly a bit mischievous and fierce, a quiet little creature that steals blueberries when no one is looking! (i’m not sure i’ve ever actually stolen a blueberry, but you know what i mean…)



purchase these pieces at sara’s etsy shop (and make sure you take advantage of her two year etsy-versary (now through june 28th!) and be sure to cruise over to her blog to say hello too.

thank you sara!

leanne pendleton’s needlefelted birds

i got one of these teeny needlefelted birds as a birthday present last month, and i LOVE it! they’re made with love by ohio artist leanne pendleton, aka etsy seller gotcrowcreations. you have seen them already, right? look again then please. oh how i love their fuzzy goodness.




see leanne’s full selection at her etsy shop.

recycled wool sweater rings

i think these soft embroidered wool rings, made of repurposed sweaters by my very creative friend sandra (aka etsy seller bricolagelife), are awfully comfy looking and cute. actually i ought to know — i tried them on to see for myself! and it’s true!






so sweet.

they’re $16 each, and you can find them (and other fun things) at sandra’s etsy shop.

ewetube vases by lichen

looks like i am on a roll opining about things today and i shall continue with these fun felted merino wool vases, cleverly named ewetubes, from seattle designer brandon perhacs for his lichen studio. i love the funky shapes and color choices and how the test tube forces you to keep it minimal, arrangement-wise.



purchase these pieces at lichen’s supermarket shop, and see more funky felty things at the lichen website.

flower art & design (round up)

flower power is on its way, but hasn’t arrived quite yet. here are a few selections to whet your whistle before the genuine articles arrive…


sweet little ceramic dishes from leesa brinkley


poppies on blue painting by rachel austin


sterling and vintage glass pendant from anne holman


the hint of light and mystic river by blue citrus art


enamel flower rings from sarah hood


calla chair from william sawaya


sunflowers pendant lamp from paper cloud


these are for you and white love birds prints from yumi yumi


flowered chair painting by mercers daughter


cherry blossoms crochet cuff from irregular expressions


flower blend oval rug by emma gardner


red mum and in the orange blossoms 2 prints by hadley hutton


letterpress correspondence cards by pressure


felted messenger bag from daisynyc

angie_burr_bloom_1_and_2 paintings

bloom one and two encaustic paintings from angie burr for her effie girly finery


butterfly garden and hummingbird garden goccos from treetop studio


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